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Large and Long Program Completion Policy

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  • “Term” is the initial allocation of semesters over which an LLP is to run.
  • “Completion” is the ratio of validated time to allocated time (to the whole program, for its whole term).


Band 1, non-ToO LLPs that fail to reach 80% completion by the end of their term will be extended on a semester-by-semester basis. The program execution will be stopped when 80% completion is reached. The PI may request further extension from the LPTAC during the annual review process. Band 2 programs, and Band 1 programs with 80 per cent or more completeness at the end of their term, may ask the LPTAC for extensions.



In its meeting of November 2017, the STAC discussed  completion policy for Large/Long Programs. Its recommendation was as follows:

STAC 13.11 A high level of completeness is needed to maximize the scientific return of Large and Long Programs. For future LLPs the STAC recommends a new policy on guaranteed completeness: we propose that Band 1 LLPs that reach the end of their term with <80 per cent of their allocated observations completed be automatically extended into future semesters until they reach at least 80 per cent completeness, provided the annual progress reports are satisfactory. The current policy that Band 2 programs and Band 1 programs with 80 per cent or more completeness may ask the LPTAC for extensions should be continued. 

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