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Additional Requirements on Large and Long Programs

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Annual Progress Reports

Successful LLPs will require an annual program review, led by the LPTAC. Each LLP will submit an annual progress report containing (at a minimum) a summary of the observing time used thus far, comments on the quality of the data and whether the data quality is sufficient to meet the scientific goals of the program, a summary of the activities of each team member, the status of reduction of the data, and detailed plans for the next year of the project. The report should also indicate any science results arising from the project, whether published or in preparation. The committee's recommendation and Gemini Director's approval will be required before allocations for an ongoing LLP can continue.

Submission of Observation details

Successful LLPs will also be required to submit detailed target, observing constraint, and instrument configuration details in advance of each semester's ITAC process.

Requirement for the Delivery of Processed Data

Beginning with the 2018 LLP proposal cycle, all new large programs will be required to submit processed data to the Gemini Observatory Archive (GOA) within one year of the original planned end date of the program as stated in the proposal. The data will be required to be in the FITS format, and contain header metadata such that it is searchable within the GOA. Programs will also be required to submit documentation detailing the data reduction procedure and describing the data provided. The details of these requirements are available in this document. We encourage potential PIs with questions about this requirement to email

Final Program Review

Completed LLPs will also be required to submit a final program review.

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