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Spectral range and resolution

The full GRACES spectral is 400-1,050 nm. The useful range is 420-1,010nm, and the GRACES sensitivity is at its best between 490nm and 950 nm (see the Sensitivity page for more details).


The spectral resolution was calculated based on ~100 lines of an observed ThAr lamp spectrum. The average pixel size for the one-fiber mode is 1.74 pixels, giving an average resolution power of R~67,500. For the two-fiber mode, we get 2.88 pixels per resolution element, giving a resolution power of ~40,000. The figure below shows the resolution as a function of the wavelength, from 4500 to 8500 angstroms. The solid lines are the averages for each mode, and the shaded areas represent ±1 sigma from the mean values.


 Resolution of the two GRACES modes