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Rapid ToO Programs in 2008A and 2008B

The table below lists the programs that have "Rapid Target of Opportunity" (Rapid-ToO) status in the current and next semester. These programs are assigned to queue Band 1, and can interrupt all other observations at the telescopes. See the main queue/schedule pages for further details and status of each program.

 Program ID PI name Instrument(s) NGO Support Gemini CS
Gemini North
GN-2008A-Q-7 Tanvir, Bloom  GMOS North, NIRI Blum Roth, Schiavon
GN-2008B-Q-6 Tanvir, Bloom  GMOS North, NIRI Blum Roth, Nitta
 Gemini South
GS-2008A-Q-20 Berger, Bloom
GMOS South Matheson Carrasco
GS-2008B-Q-2 Berger
GMOS South Matheson Carrasco,Winge


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