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Known Bugs

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PIT Known Bugs

Known bugs (and workaround, where possible) in the Phase I Tool are described here. Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions / Common Mistakes (FAQ/FMM) page for other possible problems. If you find a new problem, please submit the information via the Gemini HelpDesk.

2017 September 1

You may encounter a display problem in Windows 10 in which the fonts in adjacent table rows overlap. This is due to an issue with Windows/java font scaling but this does not affect functionality. A workaround is to change the scaling of text and apps to between 100% and 175%, depending on screen resolution.

2017 March 8

The 2017B.2.1.1 version of the PIT does not allow the submission of proposals for exchange observing at Subaru. This bug is fixed in the 2017B.2.1.2 version of the PIT.

2016 March 1

The 2016A & 2016B versions of the PIT do not allow selecting the Fast Turnaround PI Affiliation before filling out the PI Address. This is fixed in the 2017A PIT.

2015 April 30 

Java version 1.7 has a known unresolved network issue on the Mac if a hostname does not include a domain name, resulting in a message like "your mac's hostname does not contain domain information...". See this page for a workaround.

2015 Feb 27 

If you find that you cannot open an editable copy of a program after importing a previously submitted proposal into a newer version of the PIT, then open the proposal with the version of PIT that was used to create it, create an editable copy, and then save as a new file. Then import the editable proposal into the newer PIT.

2013 March 26

There is a bug in PIT 2013.2.1 that prevents the calculation of guide star availabilities for all users. This bug has been fixed with the release of version 2013.2.2.

2012 March 1

There are no known bugs in the 2012A or 2012B PIT releases. However, there is one issue in the 2012B and later PITs. If it is installed in a multi-user environment then a system administrator must make the startup file executable by all users. For OS X this requires editing the package contents to change permissions on the file JavaApplicationStub.


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