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Night Baseline Calibration Overheads in PIT

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Starting in 2017B the PIT calculates the time needed for nighttime partner baseline calibrations and adds this time to the total time request. The time for baseline calibrations is calculated as a fraction of the program time according to the table below. For example, for a GNIRS spectroscopic program that requires 3 hours of program time (exposure time, acquisition and readout overheads, program calibration), the total time is 3 + 3*0.25 = 3.75 hours.

The Partner Overhead Fractions in the table are based on time accounting from recent semesters, e.g. see the baseline calibration overheads.

Instrument Mode Partner Overhead Fraction
'Alopeke Any 0.00
FLAMINGOS-2 Imaging 0.10
FLAMINGOS-2 Longslit 0.25
GMOS Imaging 0.00
GMOS Spectroscopy 0.10
GNIRS Imaging 0.10
GNIRS Spectroscopy 0.25
GPI Spectroscopy 0.05
GRACES Spectroscopy 0.00
GSAOI Imaging 0.00
NIFS Spectroscopy 0.25
NIRI Imaging 0.10
DSSI Imaging 0.00
Phoenix Spectroscopy 0.25
Texes Spectroscopy 0.00
Visitor Any 0.00
Any Subaru Any 0.00
Any Keck Any 0.00

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