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Frequently asked questions (and frequently made mistakes!) regarding Phase I proposals and the Gemini Phase I Tool are discussed here. (See also the known bugs page for other known problems).

The links provided below are for information only. The Gemini Observatory does not endorse these products or assume any responsibility for their use. 

All questions should be submitted using the Gemini HelpDesk. This web-based system will send the request to your National Gemini Office staff in the first instance who will then provide you with the answer or escalate it to Gemini staff if necessary.

2013 Aug 27

Attaching ITC output to the proposal: Starting in 2014A representative Gemini Integration Time Calculator (ITC) output should be included in the PDF file that is attached to the proposal in the PIT. First, save or print the ITC results page to a PDF file. In Linux and OSX the ability to print to a PDF file should be built in. In Windows you may need to install additional software like the Bullzip PDF printer. A few suggestions for how to incorporate the PDFs from the ITC into the PDF from the LaTeX or Word documents are given below.

  • The recommended method is to create a PDF file for the proposal text sections using the LaTeX/Word templates and then merge this with the ITC output files. This method must be used when using the Word template. The following is a list of a few tools that can be used to merge PDF files.
  • PDF files can also be included directly into the LaTeX template using \includepdf. This method requires using pdflatex to process the Latex, so eps figures cannot be included along with the ITC PDF documents. Eps figures need to be converted to another graphics format (eg. png) and then included with \includgraphics.
  • The ITC output can be saved as a postscript file, which can be split into single page postscript images using for example ghostview, and each figure then included in Latex in the usual way with \plotone.

2006 Feb 21
Converting a postscript file to PDF: The PIT does not accept postscript (.ps or .eps) attachments. The following tools are available to convert postscript documents to PDF (thanks to STScI and the Spitzer Science Center).

Free PDF viewers include:

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