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Conflict Criteria

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If you are a designated a Reviewer for a fast turnaround proposal, you will be given a list of proposals to review. You will at first see only the abstract and author list for each proposal, and you will have to indicate whether or not you feel you can provide an unbiased review of each one. In cases where you do not believe you can provide a fair review, you must briefly explain the reason for your response (and, optionally, also explain why you can give a fair review) .

Please think carefully before declining to give a review on the grounds that you are not familiar with the subject of a proposal. With a fairly small pool of proposals and reviewers, almost everyone will be allocated proposals outside their area(s) of expertise. A good FT proposal will make an effort to persuade the reader that the proposed work is interesting and feasible.

Please click the Submit button after each entry. For each proposal you decline to review, you will receive a replacement. Once you have accepted all the proposals that are offered, click on the Start Review button to be given access to the proposal files and review form.

If you are a student reviewer with a PhD mentor, you must declare any conflict that applies to either you or your mentor on this page. Please work with your mentor to make sure that your replies are accurate.

Examples of acceptable conflicts:

  • "Dr Y was my thesis advisor and we have kept in close contact since then."
  • "This proposal overlaps in many key ways with research in which I am deeply involved."
  • "For private/personal reasons, I do not feel that I can fairly review this proposal."

Not an acceptible conflict:

  • I am not familiar with this field of research

Example of reviewer able to provide an unbiased review:

  • "Dr. X and I work at the same large institution but do not collaborate."

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