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Science Program Tabs

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File Attachment tab

Auxiliary files for the program such as Phase I files, mask design files, finding charts, and special ephemerides can be uploaded and download using the File Attachment tab on the top-level science program node. New programs include the files from the Phase I proposal (PIT XML, PDF attachment, and summary PDF). 

File Attachment tab

Drag the boundary line between the column titles to change the column width. Selecting a row in the table will activate all of the buttons along the bottom of the tab. The possible actions are:

Add  Add (upload) a new file. Clicking this will bring up a file selection dialog. Navigate to the proper directory, select the file or enter the file name, and click Attach.
Remove  Remove the selected file from the ODB server.
Download Download the selected file to the local machine. A file dialog will appear. Select or enter the path to the director where the file will be stored. Then click Store. The file will be saved with the same name as given in the table.
Open Download and display the selected PDF or image file and view it in the default application. 
Refresh Refresh the attachment table.

When a line is highlighted you may enter a short description in the text box. Then click the Describe button to save the text. 

Program checkers will be able to toggle the "NGO Check" status. This is to inform Gemini that mask designs or finder charts have been checked and are acceptable for continued processing.

Sync History tab

As the name suggests, the Sync History tab contains time stamps for when the program was synced with the relevant Gemini Observing Database (ODB). The table shows the number of syncs within the given periods of the time and the key that was used. This can help identify who made a given change.

Sync tab


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