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Flat/Arc Exposure Times

GCAL configurations and Exposure Times for GMOS calibrations: Quartz Halogen flats and CuAr arcs

Note the following:

  • Exposure times for GCAL GMOS calibrations are set automatically in the OT ('SmartGCals'). Please use the exposure times provided in the OT for flats and arcs. 
  • If you are choosing to use a manual arc or flat, you can first set up a (Smart-) "Arc" or "Flat" to find the automatically-set exposure times. Then click the "Configure Manually" button in the correspondind 'Sequence Component'.
  • For manual flats, please use GCALlamp=Quartz-Halogen, GCALdiffuser=VISIBLE. For manual arcs, please choose the CuAr arc and GCALdiffuser=VISIBLE.
  • The GMOS-N and GMOS-S detector controllers only support integer exposure times.
  • The GMOS gratings (with the exception of the R150) have significant scattered light. This page will be updated to include examples of scattered light for B600, B1200, R600, and R831 gratings.
  • This page will also be updated to include example quartz-halogen flat spectra.