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Data Reduction Support


  1. FAQ about the Gemini IRAF package

  2. Scisoft Problems related to the Gemini IRAF package

  3. Other Known Problems (and workarounds, where possible) in the current and previous versions of the Gemini IRAF package


Submitting a HelpDesk Ticket

If you come across a new problem while using the Gemini IRAF package, please check the FAQ, Scisoft Problems and other Known Problems above before submitting a HelpDesk ticket via the Gemini HelpDesk. When submitting a HelpDesk ticket, please select "Gemini IRAF" as the "Topic" in the drop-down menu and include the following information, where applicable, so that your request can be dealt with efficiently: 


  • The output from the install_check task (which contains information about the installation and the operating system)
  • The program ID
  • The text of the error message
  • The call to the task that produced the error message, including the number(s) of the input file(s)
  • A complete copy of the parameter settings (type "lpar <taskname>" at the IRAF prompt, where <taskname> is the name of the task)