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Adaptive Optics

[M2-9 with AO]

Adaptive optics (AO) forms an integral part of the Gemini telescopes' current and future suite of instrumentation. The facility AO system, ALTAIR, has been offered at Gemini North since 2003 and is now available for use with both natural and laser guide stars with NIRI and NIFS. At Gemini South, multi-conjugate adaptive optics (MCAO) with FLAMINGOS-2 and the Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager (GSAOI) will bring uniform, diffraction-limited image quality to arcminute-scale fields of view (download the science case for MCAO). Information on Gemini's current, under-construction, and planned AO capabilities is collected on these pages. The December 2006 special issue of the GeminiFocus newsletter showcases Gemini's AO program and recent AO science results.

The pages in this section are organized as follows:


  • Adaptive Optics Primers - references and links to introductory documents.
  • Overview of Gemini AO program.
  • Link to ALTAIR (GN)
  • Link to MCAO (GS)
  • Link to natural guide star usage (GN)
  • Link to laser guide star (GN)
  • Link to Adaptive Optics Image Gallery
  • Link to Gemini North Adaptive Optics Workshop presentations, June 2012 
  • Documents