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Sensitivity Estimates

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The following sensitivity table provides signal-to-noise ratios (S/N) of 5 per spectral pixel in one hour (6 x 600 seconds) on-source integration. They were estimated using the NIFS Integration Time Calculator (ITC) and the obtained S/N of 5 is the averaged S/N in the wavelength intervals. These values are for silver coatings on the telescope optics and NIFS on the up-looking port, and the lowest-read noise mode was assumed (~6 e- at 77 K). Observing conditions were 70%-ile image quality, 50%-ile cloud cover (photometric), 80%-ile water vapor column, 80%-ile sky background, and an average airmass of 1.5.

Although these ITC estimates are not far off the actual NIFS measurements, detailed calculations show some inconsistencies. Thus, these estimates are provided only for proposal preparation and are not meant to be absolute guides. Nonetheless, applicants should use the ITC to estimate the signal-to-noise ratio at the precise wavelengths of interest and/or over the entire band of interest.

Band Wavelength Interval (um) Central
Point Sources Extended Sources
(mag) (uJy) (mag/IFU pixel) (mJy/IFU pixel)
Z 0.94 - 1.15 1.05 16.0 870
14.7 2.9
J 1.15 - 1.33 1.25 16.8 340 15.5 1.1
H 1.49 - 1.78 1.65 18.3 55 17.0 0.2
K 2.00 - 2.41 2.20 18.7 26 17.4

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