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Observation Preparation

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This section mainly describes how to prepare and check GSAOI observations at PhaseI/Phase II. It is organized as follows:

The easiest way to set up the observing sequences at Phase II is to use the Template Observations. The template observations are based on the examples in the OT Libraries and are filled in with the instrument resources selected in the Phase I proposal. Since the OT Library contains additional information including examples of different types of observations and some standard star information, we recommend to use the OT library in conjunction with the template observations. Note that library version may change from one semester to another. The best practice is to use (or at least review) the library version for the current observing semester. In this way, updates or changes to observation protocols will automatically be accounted for in new Phase II programs. Notes and descriptions appear directly in the library sequences to help observers understand how to best use the instruments.

Gemini Observatory Participants