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Two types of spectroscopy are possible with FLAMINGOS-2 and its selection of gratings.



  • Y, K-long, J, H, Ks broad-band filter set permanently installed
  • We expect to have two narrow-band filters (wavelengths to be determined) also installed at any given time.
  • There is an upgrade path being investigated for the construction and installation of a dual-etalon tunable narrow-band filter to be used with the f/32 MCAO system.
  • Two lower resolution grisms (JH and HK) with peak R~1300 and simultaneously covering the J&H or H&K bands.
  • One higher resolution grism with peak R~3200 (two pixel) giving complete coverage of one (Y or J or H or Ks or K-long) near-IR band at a time.
  • The achieved resolution averages are R~1000 within 70% of the JH and HK ranges, and R~2900 within the ranges J, H or Ks/K-long. We recommend PIs to consult the grisms link to obtain more information about how the spectral resolution changes with  wavelegth. The resolution is constant across the central 3.5 arcminutes of the slit.   
Science detector for the FLAMINGOS-2 HAWAII-II array.