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Image Quality

Early in 2013, we determined that the image IQ performance of the instrument in the lab was not meeting the specifications. At the best focus on-axis, we obtained fwhm ~ 0.35 arcsec for pinholes located within a radius < 0.5 arcmin, and fwhm 0.44 arcsec for the region between 2 to 2.5 arcmin.

During the on-sky commisisoning in 2013 we have been able to further characterize the image quality. The following plot shows the measured fwhm for images taken with the Ks band filter under IQ=70% sky conditions. At this point Flamingos-2 can deliver images that do not degrade the natural seeing within a region of 90 arcsec radius. The image of an object located outside this radius will start to suffer the effects of the astigmatism produced by the camera. Note that the plot shows actual on-sky results obtained while guiding with either P2WFS or the OIWFS.

Due to this IQ radial performance, we encourage all spectroscopic targets to be located within the inner 90 arcseconds so that the spectra are not seriously affected by the camera aberrations.