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Requirements for running the Gemini IRAF package

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The Gemini IRAF package is an external package layered upon IRAF. Therefore, anyone wishing to use the Gemini IRAF package must first install IRAF. All users are encouraged to use AstroConda to install IRAF and the Gemini IRAF package. AstroConda contains a modified version of the 32-bit version of IRAF v2.16 with bug fixes specific to the Gemini IRAF package. Please see the download page for specific information about installing the Gemini IRAF package using AstroConda.

Critical Dependencies

The Gemini IRAF package requires that a number of other external IRAF packages are installed. The Gemini IRAF package will not load if any of these external packages are missing. These packages are listed in the table below.

Package name Minimum Version Comments
stsdas 3.15 Authored by Space Telescope Science Institute
tables 3.15 Authored by Space Telescope Science Institute
fitsutil March 27, 2011 Authored by IRAF
PyRAF 2.1.6 Authored by Space Telescope Science Institute

It is also required that one of the following image display tools is available: ximtool, SAOimage, SAOtng or ds9.

The official pre-release testing was done using 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit machine running a 64-bit CentOS 5 operating system. The Gemini IRAF package is distributed with 32-bit binaries for Linux CentOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.6 Intel, compatible with later Mac OS X OS's.

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