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Gemini Data Processing Software


Official Data Processing Software

The data reduction software approved for scientific purposes is the Gemini IRAF package.

Future Data Processing Software

A new Python-based platform for reduction of Gemini data is under development. The software has been in used internally to assist in the quality assessment of the data. It has not been developed for end-user, yet we plan to eventually develop that aspect too.

The data reduction pipeline is NOT for science quality processing, in particular the stacking routine has not been checked for flux conservation and photometric accuracy (also see Note 1 below). Use the Gemini IRAF package for science reductions. However, for Python programmers, the AstroData module is approved for science use.

The software is shared here simply to give people an idea of what is in the works.

Note 1: The QAP-processed biases and flats are probably scientifically correct. However, their headers are not compatible with the Gemini IRAF routines and therefore are effectively rendered scientifically unusable.