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f/14 Optics

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The f/14 camera optics provides NIRI with an imaging mode optimised for the image quality obtainable with tip/tilt M2 correction at a pixel scale of 0.050"/pixel and a fov of ~50". The f/14 camera lens is a multi-component (4) lens of diameter ~70mm made of BaF2, ZnSe, LiF and ZnS. All surfaces are spherical. The f/14 lens barrel (and the outer lens at the centre of the photo) can be seen in the photo below. The collimated telescope beam (from the collimator lens, seen at the left edge of the photo, to filter wheel #2 and the pupil mask/filter wheel) enters the photo from the left, encounters beam steerer #1 (a flat mirror) and, for the f/14 camera, is deflected to the left, to the f/14 lens. At the end of the f/14 camera lens is a flat mirror that directs the beam downwards and through the optical table.

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Last update August 4, 2000; Colin Aspin