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f/6 Optics

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The f/6 camera optics provides NIRI with a wide-field imaging mode at a pixel scale of 0.116"/pixel and a fov of ~2'. The f/6 camera lens is a multi-component (4) lens of diameter ~80mm made of BaF2, ZnSe, LiF and ZnS. All but two surfaces are spherical with one ZnSe and ZnS surface being aspheric. The top of the wide-field f/6 lens can be seen in the photo below. The collimated telescope beam (from the collimator lens, seen at the edge of the photo, to filter wheel #2 and the pupil mask/filter wheel) enters the photo at the bottom, encounters beam steerer #1 (a flat mirror) and, for the f/6 camera, is deflected downwards, to the f/6 lens and through the optical table.

[NIRI f/6 Optics]

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Last update August 3, 2000; Colin Aspin