StarLab Current Events

Geminiʻs StarLab visits Hilo-Waiākea District K-1 Classes
Feb. 22nd - Apr. 25th, 2016

As an extension of Journey Through the Universe 2016, students in grades K-1 will have an opportunity to look at the motion of the sun, moon, and stars under a virtual night sky. They will learn about planets in our solar system, and how stars are different from planets. They will also learn cultural stories about the constellations.

Waiakea Intermediate School - StarLab lessons for Middle School students (Grades 6, 7 & 8). Topics include Polynesian Voyaging for Hawaiian history classes, Lewis & Clark Expedition for Social Studies classes and Galaxy, Solar System and Constellations for Science classes. February - March, 2016. Some student developed lessons are included!

Na Pua No’eau-a summer program for Hawaiian students. They utilize Gemini’s StarLab to teach the students about Polynesian Navigation and Wayfinding.

Volcano School of Arts & Sciences - utilize the StarLab as part of an all day Astro Day at their school. Students are taught about our Solar System and Constellations. Fall of 2016.

StarLab Presenters for the Journey through the Universe 2016 program year:

Alexis Ann Acohido - Gemini Media Relations and Outreach Assistant
Alyssa Grace - Gemini Public Information and Outreach Intern
Carolyn Kaichi - Institute for Astronomy Education/Outreach Specialist
Emily Peavy - ʻImiloa Astronomy Center Planetarium Support Facilitator & Technician