Family Astro Activities

What is a Family Astro Take-Home Activity?

These activities (games and kits) were designed for Family Astro event participants to take home and do on their own, thereby providing an opportunity for continued learning at home with family and friends. There's a Take-Home Activity associated with each one of our Leader Kits.

What Take-Home Activites are available?

Each of our Family ASTRO Take-Home Activities focuses on a particular topic in astronomy. Follow the links below to read about the individual Take-Home Activities in more detail and view the additional web resources for each:

Learn the bright stars and constellations of each season with Night Sky Adverture (a multi-activity kit for the whole family).

Test your knowledge of the Solar System while collecting enough planets to win the game Race to the Planets.

Everyone works together (while they still have time) to collect damaged instruments in Moon Mission, an exciting and cooperative board game.

Plan a night of cards and learn about the beautiful "deep space objects" and well-known telescopes in Cosmic Decoders.

Family Astro Activities | Gemini Observatory


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