Gemini Sciops Announcements Archive

2017 August 312018A Call for Proposals Announced
2017 August 312018A Phase I Tool released
2017 July 24Gemini IRAF v1.14 Released!
2017 July 10Gemini North in scheduled shutdown until August 25
2017 June 152017B Programs and Schedule Announced
2017 June 082017B OT Released
2017 June 03Observing databases offline June 6
2017 May 29Gemini South Observing Database offline May-30
2017 May 24Astroconda now recommended for Gemini users, in place of Ureka
2017 May 24Gemini South Observing Database offline May-25
2017 May 19Gemini South closed due to very bad weather
2017 April 27GS observing database not accessible due to network failure
2017 March 28Patched 17A OT available for non-sidereal observations
2017 March 23Non-sidereal target coordinate lookups currently not working in OT and PIT
2017 March 012017B Phase I Tool released
2017 March 012017B Call for Proposals Announced
2017 February 22Gemini North February Laser Guide Star run cancelled, LGS unavailable in semester 17B.
2017 February 03Gemini North welcomes Band 4 proposals using GNIRS or NIRI in poor weather conditions
2017 January 20GS observing database offline Jan. 26 during UPS maintenance
2017 January 12Gemini North January NIFS and laser access cancelled
2017 January 05Delay to Gemini North NIFS Laser Run
2016 December 152017A Programs and Schedule Announced
2016 December 072017A OT Released
2016 December 07GN Observing Database Offline
2016 December 05Observing databases offline Dec 6
2016 November 23GS observing database offline Nov. 23 for network maintenance
2016 November 17Gemini North Observing database offline Nov-17
2016 October 20Gemini data reduction software on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)
2016 September 01Gemini North Shutdown Complete
2016 August 312017A Call for Proposals Announced
2016 August 312017A Phase I Tool released
2016 August 23New software package for GSAOI images!
2016 August 19Gemini South observing database offline until August 22
2016 August 03Gemini North Shutdown Aug 10-31 to repair bottom shutter
2016 July 25Observing databases offline July 26
2016 June 30Special proposals require 2016B PIT
2016 June 172016B Programs and Schedule Announced
2016 June 062016B OT Released
2016 June 02Observing databases offline June 2
2016 April 29Gemini to support AstroConda in place of Ureka later this year
2016 March 10Gemini South observing database offline briefly March 12
2016 March 012016B Call for Proposals Announced
2016 January 20Special proposals require 2016A PIT
2015 December 17Announcement of Opportunity for new Large and Long Programs
2015 December 172016A Programs and Schedule Announced
2015 December 07New version of the Gemini IRAF package released (v1.13.1)
2015 December 032016A OT Released
2015 December 01Observing databases offline Dec 2
2015 November 24Cancelation of the November GeMS run
2015 November 02Gemini-S shutdown work completed