Gemini General Announcements Archive

2016 May 10Gemini Announces the Gen 4#3 Request for Proposal
2015 November 20 Gemini Instrument Feasibility Study (GIFS) reports available.
2015 October 07RFP for Gemini Instrument Upgrades: Small Project
2015 October 05Gemini Sodium Laser Guide Star RFQ
2015 September 25Annual Progress Report and Program Plan of the Gemini Observatory
2015 September 25Gemini South Earthquake Update
2015 July 16Gemini North HBF Photo-Voltaic Array Power System Installation RFB
2015 April 28Gemini Instrument Feasibility Study
2015 March 28Gemini South resuming operations
2015 March 27Gemini South performing a controlled shutdown
2015 March 18Announcing a bring-your-own data session at the Future & Science of Gemini Observatory
2015 February 10Gemini North Architectural & Engineering Services RFQ
2014 December 31Gemini North Roof Weather Sealing RFQ
2014 December 15Announcement of Opportunity for new Large and Long Programs
2014 December 03Gemini Photo-Voltaic Array Power System Installation RFB
2014 October 30GIFS Bidders Conference Information
2014 October 15Gemini Instrument Feasibility Studies (GIFS) Request for Proposal (RfP) Announcement
2014 September 22Gemini Instrument Feasibility Studies: FUNDING AVAILABLE
2014 August 08Gemini North Weather Advisory - Hurricane Iselle and Tropical Storm Julio
2014 July 25"Bring One, Get One” Student Observer Support Program
2014 June 20Meet Gemini Observatory’s Instrumentation Team at SPIE
2014 June 19Gemini North Back on the Sky Tonight
2014 June 12Gemini North Network Service Interruption June 14-15
2014 June 06Gemini North Network Service Interruption June 7
2014 May 27Gemini North Dome Repair Blog Available
2014 April 232013 Annual Progress Report and 2014 Program Plan
2014 April 08Gemini’s New Optical Spectrograph Moves Ahead!
2014 February 28Electrical Accident at Gemini North Closes Road, Injury Minor
2014 February 19Gemini North Back On-sky: Dome Repairs Complete
2014 February 03Gemini North Dome Shutter Repair Shutdown UPDATE as of 2/7/14
2013 December 31Gemini North Unavailable Until January 24, 2014
2013 October 09US Government Shutdown and Potential Impact on the Gemini Observatory
2013 August 23Information about Gemini's next new instrument project
2013 August 20Update on the Gemini High-resolution Optical Spectrograph (GHOS)
2013 July 19 Gemini Planet Imager (GPI): Cleared for Shipment to Gemini South!
2013 June 13Gemini Board's Resolutions
2013 June 13Gemini e-newscast #48
2013 May 17Gemini e-newscast #47
2013 April 222012 Annual Report
2013 March 15Gemini e-newscast #45
2013 February 20Gemini e-newscast #44
2013 February 12Users' Committee report and response posted
2013 January 22Gemini response to STAC report
2013 January 15The December 2012 issue of GeminiFocus is available online
2012 November 29Report from the October 2012 STAC meeting
2012 August 06The current issue of GeminiFocus is available online
2012 July 06Gemini Board resolutions 2012B
2012 January 13Call for White Papers to define the Gemini InfraRed-Optical Spectrometer (GIROS)
2011 November 16Design Studies for the Gemini High-resolution Optical Spectrograph
2011 October 18Dr. Brian Schmidt, 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics to Speak on the Accelerating Universe