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General Announcements

Science Operations Announcements

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Observing With Gemini

Calls for Proposals
2016A | 2015B
Observing Modes
Links to information regarding queue, large & long programs, target of opportunity, classical, director's discretionary and poor weather observing time, as well as Gemini's newest mode, Fast Turnaround Programs.
Phase I
Overview of the proposal process and links to the Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT)
Phase II
For principal investigators with accepted programs. Instructions and tutorials for defining observations with the Observing Tool (OT)
Current Instrument Configurations
Instruments on Gemini North and Instruments on Gemini South.
Nightlog Summaries (from 2015A)

Visiting Gemini

Visitor's Guides
Instructions for visitors to Gemini North and Gemini South
Feedback Forms
For classical and queue observers
Bring One, Get One
Gemini's student observer support program.


Current Gemini Instruments
Gemini North: Altair | GMOS-North | GNIRS | NIFS | NIRI GRACES
Gemini South: FLAMINGOS-2 | GeMS | GMOS-South | GPI | GSAOI
Integration Time Calculators
Calculate exposure times for Gemini instruments
Future Instrumentation at Gemini
Description of current instrument development and processes used to plan new instruments

Telescopes and Sites

Weather conditions at Gemini North and South
Observing Condition Constraints
Guidelines on Image Quality (IQ), Cloud Cover (CC), Water Vapor (WV), and Sky Background (SB)


Semester Schedule Overviews
GN 2015B | GS 2015B
Queue Summary
GN 2015B | GS 2015B
Status of the queue for the current semester
Classical Schedules
Current semester schedules for classical observers and programs

Data and Results

Gemini Observatory Archive
Currently in beta testing with a view to becoming the primary conduit for Gemini data in November 2015
Gemini Science Archive
Hosted by the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
Gemini IRAF Packages
Updates on current IRAF packages, important announcements, and downloads
Gemini Publications
Science publications written by Gemini users and staff.
Science Operations Statistics
Completion rates for queue programs, open shutter efficiency, weather losses and other statistics related to operations at both telescopes
Data Reduction Portal hosted by US NGO
Discussion of and links to data reduction procedures for all current Gemini instruments.
Data Reduction User Forum
User-supported location for trading ideas, scripts and best practices, and taking part in user-driven public discussions of data reduction processes and strategies.


Gemini Helpdesk