Journey through the Universe - Overview

The Journey initiative includes local programs for thousands of students and families, grade K-12 lessons and curriculum support materials, teacher training, and ongoing support in science content and pedagogy. The communities integrate these resources into their existing STEM education programs in both formal and informal science education venues. The result of this partnership reflects the strengths and capabilities of the community.

Hilo, Hawai'i is currently one of 10 communities around the nation that are designated Journey through the Universe sites. The Journey program brings together the local students and teachers with astronomers and engineers who not only share their passion and knowledge for science and technology but also inspire local students to aim high in their education and future careers. The Journey program as currently implemented in Hawai‘i has three primary institutional objectives for the Gemini Observatory – these are to:

  • Connect and engage learners with educators, scientists and engineers in an effective, lasting, and relevant manner;
  • Engage the local community at all levels; and
  • Foster an environment where students can pursue STEM careers and find local support and role models for their advancement.

Likewise, the local Department of Education (North Hilo/Lauaphoehoe Complex) has additional stated objectives for the program, which are to:

  • Heighten awareness of science in classrooms;
  • Help students meet the Hawai'i Content and Performance Standards and national standards;
  • Provide rigor, relevance and relationships in curriculum, instruction and assessment;
  • Tap into the rich resources that are available in the Hilo community;
  • Improve teaching staff in content fields. Provide professional development, in-service training sessions, networking and articulation amongst educators, scientists, and community members who can help improve teaching;
  • Educate parents and the community in the space science enterprise.

All of these elements are combined to create an education-focused and fun-filled Journey program that has experienced steady growth and been well-recognized locally and nationally.

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