Gemini General Announcements Archive

2013 February 12Users' Committee report and response posted
2013 January 22Gemini response to STAC report
2013 January 15The December 2012 issue of GeminiFocus is available online
2012 November 29Report from the October 2012 STAC meeting
2012 August 06The current issue of GeminiFocus is available online
2012 July 06Gemini Board resolutions 2012B
2012 January 13Call for White Papers to define the Gemini InfraRed-Optical Spectrometer (GIROS)
2011 November 16Design Studies for the Gemini High-resolution Optical Spectrograph
2011 October 18Dr. Brian Schmidt, 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics to Speak on the Accelerating Universe
2011 May 17GPI science campaign
2011 April 29Gemini Director Announcement
2011 April 06Conceptual Design Studies for a Gemini High-Resolution Optical Spectrograph
2010 September 03Gemini Transition Plan Available
2010 July 15White Papers Solicited for High-Resolution Optical Spectroscopy
2010 May 28June 2010 GeminiFocus - Special 10th Anniversary Issue
2010 April 01Gemini Data Workshop July 19-22
2010 January 22Journey Through the Universe – 2010
2009 December 16e-version of December 2009 GeminiFocus Available
2009 November 20Director's Message - Exploring Astronomy's Time Domain
2009 August 07Hurricane Felicia
2009 June 18New Gemini Deputy Director & Head of Science
2009 June 18New Associate Director for Development
2009 May 28Science with Adaptive Optics on Large Telescopes
2009 May 15Gemini Board WFMOS Resolution
2009 January 27Gemini Researchers Receive Prestigious Canadian Award
2008 December 04Mauna Kea Weather Center's Symposium on Seeing
2008 December 04Honoring Nod-and-Shuffle
2008 October 31Director's Message November 2008
2008 October 152008 Dutch Christiaan Huygens Science Award to Dr. Mariska Kriek
2008 June 18Gemini and Subaru recently hosted WFMOS science meeting on May 19th through 21st
2007 March 29Chile Observatories Earthquake Readiness Workshop
2007 March 28Mauna Kea Observatories Earthquake Workshop