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New Capabilities Available in 2005A

New Capabilities Available in 2005A

New or changed capabilities offered for semester 2005A are summarised below. See the 2005A Call for Proposals for further details.

  • Gemini North
    • Michelle high resolution (echelle) spectroscopy available. Imaging available in classical mode.
    • Altair/NIRI imaging usable range extended to include L-band (3-4um)
    • HIRES on Keck available to the Gemini community (up to 5 nights of classical time with newly upgraded detector)
  • Gemini South
    • GNIRS capabilities expanded with addition of the long cameras, providing finer spatial and spectral resolution (R=18000 with the 110 l/mm grating), an integral field unit (IFU) and R=6000 cross-dispersed 1-2.5um spectroscopy. GNIRS only available until the end of April. 
    • Phoenix observing only available in classical mode (in whole nights, no 3-night minimum) 

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