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Phase II Contact Scientists and Support Staff : Semester 2004A

The Gemini Observatory Contact Scientists and National Gemini Office support staff assigned to pre-observation Phase II, observation execution and post-observing support of queue and classical programs are listed in the table below. These individuals are also the contacts assigned in the HelpDesk (NGO staff at tier-1, Gemini staff at tier-1 and/or tier-2).

Although e-mail addresses are given at the bottom of the page, for all queries, including those concerning the Phase II process, please use the Gemini HelpDesk which has a streamlined interface keyed to your Gemini Program ID (e.g. GS-2004A-Q-12) and ensures efficient distribution of your query. For more information on user support see the 2004A Phase II instructions.

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In some cases, no National Office support staff are assigned, e.g. because the instrument or instrument mode is new, and Gemini staff are the primary contact point. 

Gemini North Support
Program Ref# Gemini Contact Scientist National Office support staff
GN-2004A-Q-1 Beck Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-2 Gomez Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-3 Trujillo Proctor
GN-2004A-Q-4 Geballe Smith
GN-2004A-Q-5 Roth Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-6 Trujillo Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-7 Aspin Bland-Hawthorn
GN-2004A-Q-8 Aspin Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-9 Beck Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-10 Jorgensen Blum
GN-2004A-Q-11 Rigaut Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-12 Jorgensen Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-13 Aspin Ardila
GN-2004A-Q-14 Gomez Smith
GN-2004A-Q-15 Geballe -none-
GN-2004A-Q-16 Geballe Merrill
GN-2004A-Q-17 Aspin Merrill
GN-2004A-Q-18 Roth Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-19 Roth Hook
GN-2004A-Q-20 Jensen -none-
GN-2004A-Q-21 Gomez -none-
GN-2004A-Q-22 Gomez Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-23 Beck Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-24 Beck Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-25 Aspin Baines
GN-2004A-Q-26 Trujillo Macri
GN-2004A-Q-27 Trujillo Macri
GN-2004A-Q-28 Trujillo Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-29 Beck Cote
GN-2004A-Q-30 Gomez Cote
GN-2004A-Q-31 Beck Ardila
GN-2004A-Q-32 Beck Merrill
GN-2004A-Q-33 Beck Baines
GN-2004A-Q-34 Roth Soechting
GN-2004A-Q-35 Geballe Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-36 Beck Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-37 Roy Cote
GN-2004A-Q-38 Roth Robertson
GN-2004A-Q-39 Aspin Robertson, Ryder
GN-2004A-Q-40 Gomez Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-41 Gomez Smith
GN-2004A-Q-42 Jorgensen Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-43 Gomez Cote
GN-2004A-Q-44 Beck Soechting
GN-2004A-Q-45 Jorgensen -none-
GN-2004A-Q-46 Jorgensen Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-47 Aspin Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-48 Gomez Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-49 Aspin Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-50 Trujillo Macri
GN-2004A-Q-51 Gomez Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-52 Beck Soechting
GN-2004A-Q-53 Roth Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-54 Jorgensen Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-55 Geballe Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-56 Gomez Baines
GN-2004A-Q-57 Fisher Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-58 Roth Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-59 Beck Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-60 Roth Lauer
GN-2004A-Q-61 Beck Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-62 Gomez Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-63 Rigaut Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-64 Geballe Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-65 Roth Cote
GN-2004A-Q-66 Trujillo Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-67 Geballe Blum
GN-2004A-Q-68 Trujillo Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-69 Aspin Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-70 Jorgensen Merrill
GN-2004A-Q-71 Fisher Cote
GN-2004A-Q-72 Labrie -none-
GN-2004A-Q-73 Beck Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-74 Gomez -none-
GN-2004A-Q-75 Roth Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-76 Beck Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-77 Aspin Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-78 Aspin Baines
GN-2004A-Q-79 Jorgensen Baines
GN-2004A-Q-80 Roth -none-
GN-2004A-Q-81 Fisher Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-82 Roth Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-83 Roth Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-84 Roth Soechting
GN-2004A-Q-85 Gomez Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-86 Rigaut Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-87 Beck Castilho
GN-2004A-Q-88 Trujillo Wainscoat
GN-2004A-Q-89 Geballe Hook
GN-2004A-Q-90 Beck Bandyopadhyay
GN-2004A-Q-91 Roth Baines
GN-2004A-Q-92 Gomez Soechting
GN-2004A-Q-93 Aspin Davidge
GN-2004A-Q-94 Roth -none-
GN-2004A-Q-95 Gomez Bergmann
GN-2004A-Q-96 Beck Merrill
GN-2004A-Q-97 Aspin Ardila
GN-2004A-Q-98 Roth Soechting
GN-2004A-Q-99 Jorgensen Bergmann

GN-2004A-C-1 Trujillo Blum
GN-2004A-C-2 Jorgensen Wainscoat
GN-2004A-C-3 Aspin Wainscoat
GN-2004A-C-4 Jorgensen Bergmann
GN-2004A-C-5 Roth Lauer
GN-2004A-C-6 Jorgensen Wainscoat
GN-2004A-C-7 Trujillo Macri
GN-2004A-C-8 Roth Soechting
GN-2004A-C-9 Roth Bergmann
GN-2004A-C-10 Beck Wainscoat
GN-2004A-C-11 Beck Blum


Gemini South Support
Program Ref# Gemini Contact Scientist National Office support staff
GS-2004A-Q-1 Volk Baines
GS-2004A-Q-2 Carrasco Lopez
GS-2004A-Q-3 Hayward Mason
GS-2004A-Q-4 Hayward Whiting
GS-2004A-Q-5 De Buizer Whiting
GS-2004A-Q-6 Rodgers Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-7 De Buizer -none-
GS-2004A-Q-8 Carrasco Smith
GS-2004A-Q-9 Miller Cote
GS-2004A-Q-10 Puxley Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-11 Ledlow Hook
GS-2004A-Q-12 Ledlow Proctor
GS-2004A-Q-13 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-14 Hayward Lopez
GS-2004A-Q-15 Winge Lopez
GS-2004A-Q-16 Miller -none-
GS-2004A-Q-17 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-18 Carrasco Castilho
GS-2004A-Q-19 Ledlow Soechting
GS-2004A-Q-20 Rodgers Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-21 Rodgers Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-22 Turner Cote
GS-2004A-Q-23 Rodgers Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-24 Volk Baines
GS-2004A-Q-25 Carrasco Smith
GS-2004A-Q-26 Rodgers Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-27 Turner Lopez
GS-2004A-Q-28 Miller Bergmann
GS-2004A-Q-29 De Buizer -none-
GS-2004A-Q-30 Hayward Cote
GS-2004A-Q-31 Turner Cote
GS-2004A-Q-32 Miller Cote
GS-2004A-Q-33 Turner Robertson
GS-2004A-Q-34 Carrasco Smith
GS-2004A-Q-35 Turner Castilho
GS-2004A-Q-36 Puxley -none-
GS-2004A-Q-37 Miller Hook
GS-2004A-Q-38 Miller Lauer
GS-2004A-Q-39 Volk Baines
GS-2004A-Q-40 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-41 Volk Cote
GS-2004A-Q-42 Carrasco Soechting
GS-2004A-Q-43 De Buizer Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-44 Winge Davidge
GS-2004A-Q-45 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-46 Ledlow Castilho
GS-2004A-Q-47 Puxley Davidge
GS-2004A-Q-48 Hayward Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-49 Hayward -none-
GS-2004A-Q-50 Hayward Abans
GS-2004A-Q-51 Carrasco Davidge
GS-2004A-Q-52 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-53 De Buizer Mason
GS-2004A-Q-54 Miller Davidge
GS-2004A-Q-55 Miller Cote
GS-2004A-Q-56 Volk -none-
GS-2004A-Q-57 Hayward Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-58 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-59 Rodgers Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-60 Rodgers Bandyopadhyay
GS-2004A-Q-61 Hayward Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-62 Miller -none-
GS-2004A-Q-63 Volk Cote
GS-2004A-Q-64 De Buizer Cote
GS-2004A-Q-65 Turner Davidge
GS-2004A-Q-66 Miller -none-
GS-2004A-Q-67 Volk Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-68 Volk Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-69 Volk -none-
GS-2004A-Q-70 Volk -none-
GS-2004A-Q-71 Hayward Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-72 Ledlow Hook
GS-2004A-Q-73 Ledlow Cote
GS-2004A-Q-74 De Buizer Cote
GS-2004A-Q-75 De Buizer Mason
GS-2004A-Q-76 Ledlow Soechting
GS-2004A-Q-77 Winge Hinkle
GS-2004A-Q-78 Rodgers Bandyopadhyay
GS-2004A-Q-79 Turner Hook
GS-2004A-Q-80 Carrasco Bergmann
GS-2004A-Q-81 Ledlow Bergmann
GS-2004A-Q-82 Miller Baines
GS-2004A-Q-83 Hayward Mason
GS-2004A-Q-84 Ledlow Hook
GS-2004A-Q-85 De Buizer Bouchet
GS-2004A-Q-86 Hayward Bouchet

GS-2004A-C-1 Turner Soechting
GS-2004A-C-2 Hayward Baines

Contact Addresses

For all queries, including those concerning the Phase II process, please use the Gemini HelpDesk which has a streamlined interface keyed to your Gemini Program ID (e.g. GS-2004A-Q-12) and ensures efficient distribution of your query. For more information on user support see the 2004A Phase II instructions.


Gemini Contact Scientists National Office support staff
  • Aspin:
  • Beck:
  • Carrasco:
  • De Buizer:
  • Fisher:
  • Geballe:
  • Gomez:
  • Hayward:
  • Jorgensen:
  • Jensen:
  • Labrie:
  • Ledlow:
  • Miller:
  • Puxley:
  • Rodgers:
  • Roth:
  • Roy:
  • Trujillo:
  • Turner:
  • Volk:
  • Winge:
  • Australia
    • Bland-Hawthorn:
    • Proctor:
    • Robertson:
    • Ryder:
    • Whiting:
  • Brazil
    • Ardila:
    • Castilho:
    • Abans: 
  • Canada
    • Cote:
    • Davidge:
  • Chile
    • Lopez:
  • Hawaii (University of)
    • Wainscoat:
  • UK
    • Baines:
    • Bandyopadhyay:
    • Hook:
    • Soechting:
  • US
    • Bergmann:
    • Blum:
    • Bouchet:
    • Hinkle:
    • Lauer:
    • Macri:
    • Mason:
    • Merrill:
    • Smith:


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