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Observing Database Snapshot - Gemini North 2014A

A snapshot of the Observing Database (ODB) is presented below. This is updated daily (the chart label shows the date in yymmdd format).

Each queue program is shown as a column, normalised by the number of observations. The current status of the observations in each program is colour-coded using the same scheme as in the Observing Tool (blue: Phase II, awaiting detailed definition of observation by PI; yellow: For Review, awaiting checking by National Office; orange: For Activation, awaiting checking by Gemini staff; green: Ready, awaiting execution; gray: On Hold (usually a Target of Opportunity or Quick Response program); pink: Ongoing, for observations started but not completed; or black, Observed). The red arrows indicate the approximate locations of the top science ranking bands (note that some post-ITAC modifications to the queue means that programs with highest ID may not be in Band 3). 

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