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Semester 2006A Important Dates

Key dates and events in the proposal process are shown below. The Phase I and Phase II deadlines are highlighted.

caution Individual partner countries may have slightly different dates for the nationally-managed elements of the process such as the Phase I proposal deadline and NTAC meeting. Follow the links to the partner-specific pages for more information.

Date Event Comments
3 September - 1 October 2005 Proposal deadline For receipt of proposals by National Time Allocation Committees (NTACs) or National Gemini Offices (NGOs) - see caution above
various NTAC meetings Separate scientific and technical assessment in each Gemini partner
No later than 17 Nov E-transmission Electronic transmission of proposals to Gemini from NTACs/NGOs
25 Nov Draft queue and classical schedule Drafts generated by operations staff and distributed to ITAC members
1-2 December ITAC International Time Allocation Committee (ITAC) meets to resolve issues
8 December Final schedule/queue plus ITAC & Gemini feedback to NGOs After approval by Gemini Director
14 December Issue queue and classical schedule on web Phase II programs available in Observing Database
12 January and 10 February Phase II deadlines Deadlines for return of completed Phase II Science Programs by PIs to National Offices
(note that GMOS MOS programs will have other deadlines, to be defined by the detailed semester schedule)
23 January and 20 February E-transmission Deadline for electronic transfer of checked Phase II programs from National Offices to Gemini
1 February 2006 Start of semester 2006A  

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