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Semester 2001A Important Dates

Key dates and events in the 2001A proposal process are shown below.

caution Individual partner countries may have slightly different dates for the nationally-managed elements of the process such as the proposal deadline and NTAC meeting. QuickStart deadlines are reported as being 30 September (US, UK, Australia, Gemini Staff),  2 October (Chile), 6 October (Canada), 20 October (Brazil) and 31 October (Argentina). [UHawaii deadline is to be confirmed]. Follow the links to the partner-specific pages for more information.

Date Event Comments
30 September - 31 October 2000 Proposal deadline For receipt of proposals by National Time Allocation Committees (NTACs) or National Gemini Offices (NGOs) - see caution above
various NTAC meetings Separate scientific and technical assessment in each Gemini partner
No later than 15 November E-transmission Electronic transmission of proposals to Gemini from NTACs/NGOs
29 November Draft queue and classical schedule Drafts generated by operations staff and distributed to ITAC members
6 December ITAC International Time Allocation Committee (ITAC) meets to resolve issues
13 December Final schedule/queue plus ITAC & Gemini feedback to NGOs After approval by Gemini Director
16 December Issue queue and classical schedule on web  
1 February 2001 Start of semester 2001A  

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Last update September 6, 2000; Phil Puxley