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Blast from the Past

A White Dwarf’s Surprise Planetary Companion

A Dizzying Show by Comet NEOWISE

Monster Black Hole Found in the Early Universe

Young Planets Bite the Dust

Gemini Gets Lucky and Takes a Deep Dive Into Jupiter’s Clouds

The international Gemini Observatory teams up with Hubble to support the Juno mission and bring new insights into Jovian weather.

Gemini Detects Most Energetic Wind from Distant Quasar

Researchers using the Gemini North telescope on Hawaiʻi’s Maunakea have detected the most energetic wind from any quasar ever measured. The extragalactic tempest lay hidden in plain sight for 15 years before being unveiled by innovative computer modeling and new data from the international Gemini Observatory.

Gemini South Telescope Captures Exquisite Planetary Nebula

The image showcases the striking planetary nebula CVMP 1. This object is the result of the death throes of a giant star. As the progenitor star of this planetary nebula slowly cools, this celestial hourglass will run out of time and will slowly fade.

Fast Radio Burst Observations Deepen Astronomical Mystery

Astronomers have pinpointed the origin of a repeating Fast Radio Burst to a nearby spiral galaxy, challenging theories on the unknown source of these pulses.

A Galactic Dance

The international Gemini Observatory of NSF's OIR Lab captured the image of the interacting galaxy pair NGC 5394/5 using the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph at Gemin North.

Planning for a New Era in Astronomy Communication

GEMMA project brought together science communications professionals to explore the unique opportunities and challenges of communicating Multi-Messenger and Time-Domain Astronomy, two rapidly growing fields in astronomy.

Gemini Helps Map Larger than Expected Structure of Ancient Supercluster

Gemini Observatory and Subaru Telescope uncover the massive (and larger than expected) structure of a distant supercluster. Mapping the formation of these ancient superclusters is a critical step in understanding the dark matter and dark energy that shape these structures.

Two Ancient Migration Events in the Andromeda Galaxy

Astronomers have uncovered two historic events in which the Andromeda Galaxy underwent major changes to its structure. The findings shed light not only on the evolution and formation of the Andromeda Galaxy, but to our own Milky Way Galaxy as well.

Record-Breaking Protocluster Takes Fast-track

The discovery of the most distant large-scale cluster of galaxies in the very young Universe has astronomers puzzling over how it formed so rapidly.


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