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Data Format and Reduction

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PIs will be provided with pipeline-reduced spectra in fits format. In most cases first-pass reduced spectra will be available by the day after the observations are made, although the reductions may be improved with further processing. Both raw and reduced data will be stored in the Gemini archive.

For nod-mode observations the data products will include both 2-D (spectral-spatial) data and 1-D extracted spectra. Optical distortions and sky emission will be removed, and the spectra will be flat-fielded and wavenumber-calibrated. Telluric absorption will be partially corrected; better correction can be achieved by dividing by comparison sources. For scan-mode observations, the data products will be a similarly corrected 3-D (spectral-spatial-spatial) data cube.

For additional information contact a member of the TEXES team.

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