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The GNIRS System Verification observations were carried out between December 2010 and July 2011. The end of the program was extended until the end of Semester 2011A, due to very poor weather during the initially planned SV period of December 2010 - March 2011. The SV program overlapped considerably with normal queue and classical observing with GNIRS, which commenced in 2011A.

Of the seventeen programs afforded Band 1 SV status, thirteen were observed in part or in total. Of these six were completed and two additional programs were observed for 50% or more of their requested time. Many of the programs were not completed because the targets became inaccessible to Gemini North by March 2011 or earlier.

The programs that were observed, either in their entirety or in part are as follows.

  • GN-2010B-SV-144: The physical properties of visual binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster ONC 62 - Duchene
  • GN-2011B-SV-145: The Last Hope: Searching for Type Ia progenitors in Tycho's Supernova Remnant - Kerzendorf
  • GN-2011B-SV-146: The 12C/13C ratio in the transiting disk of epsilon Aurigae - Stencel
  • GN-2011B-SV-148: Search for Stratospheric CH4 in Uranus - Geballe
  • GN-2011B-SV-149: Measuring Accretion in Orion Protostars with GNIRS - Fischer
  • GN-2011B-SV-150: Planetary-mass Candidates in NGC 1333: Reaching the Bottom of the Initial Mass Function - Muzic
  • GN-2011B-SV-151: Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Herschel-selected ULIRGs in GOODS-N at the Peak of Galaxy Assembly - Kartaltepe
  • GN-2011B-SV-152: Approaching Normal: GNIRS spectroscopy of a gravitationally lensed compact, quiescent z~2 galaxy - Toft
  • GN-2011B-SV-153: A GNIRS redshift survey of dark gamma ray burst galaxies - Levan
  • GN-2011B-SV-156: The structure of a quasar broad line region - Webster
  • GN-2011B-SV-157: B[e] supergiants: Unravelling the nature of their non-spherical winds - Cidale
  • GN-2011B-SV-158: Testing atmospheric and evolutionary models across the brown dwarf / planet boundary with benchmark objects - King
  • GN-2011B-SV-159: Probing Two Mysteries with One Comet that is the EPOXI Mission Target - Wooden
  • GN-2011B-SV-165: A Near-IR relation for estimating AGN black hole masses - Landt

The PIs of observed GNIRS SV programs were sent questionnaires asking for feedback on the GNIRS web pages, the Phase 1 and Phase 2 tools, the GNIRS Integration Time Calculator, data accessibility, data quality, use of the GNIRS data reduction package, availability and quality of support by Gemini staff, and likelihood of publications resulting from the data. All but one of the PIs responded. These have been compiled and reviewed by members of the GNIRS Science team and science management and are being taken into account in planning and implementing upgrades to various Gemini subsystems and tools. In some cases they have led to additional and/or clarifying information being provided on the GNIRS web pages.

The raw data obtained for SV programs are in available in the Gemini Science Archive. In some cases the PIs of the programs supplied reduced data and figures. All of these may be accessed here.

Gemini Observatory Participants