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Accepted GNIRS SV Programs

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The table below summarizes the pool of observations which have been selected and approved by the Gemini Science Committee for GNIRS System Verification Observations.

The total available time for GNIRS SV is 120 hours, divided into eight categories of observing types.

Table Legend:
Top-ranked, "Band 1" Projects Contingency, "Band 2" Projects


SV Program #

PI Name



Time Awarded (hrs)

GN-2010B-SV-143 M. Lemoine-Busserolle The connection between Star Formation and AGN in Galaxies at z~2 1 5.5
GN-2010B-SV-144 G. Duchene The physical properties of visual binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster: ONC 62 2,1 3.2
GN-2010B-SV-145 W. Kerzendorf The Last Hope - Searching for Type Ia progenitors in Tycho's Supernova Remnant 2,1 3.7
GN-2010B-SV-146 R. Stencel The 12C/13C ratio in the transiting disk of epsilon Aurigae 3 6.7
GN-2010B-SV-147 R. Campbell Direct Detection of Magnetic Fields in CV Secondaries 3 2.5
GN-2010B-SV-148 T. Geballe Search for Stratospheric CH4 in Uranus 4 4.0
GN-2010B-SV-149 W. Fischer Measuring Accretion in Orion Protostars with GNIRS 4 7.5
GN-2010B-SV-150 K. Muzic Planetary-mass Candidates in NGC 1333: Reaching the Bottom of the Initial Mass Function 5 4.0
GN-2010B-SV-151 J. Kartaltepe Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Herschel-selected ULIRGs in GOODS-N at the Peak of Galaxy Assembly 5 4.7
GN-2010B-SV-152 S. Toft Approaching Normal: GNIRS spectroscopy of a gravitationally lensed compact, quiescent z~2 galaxy 5 6.0
GN-2010B-SV-153 A. Levan A GNIRS redshift survey of dark gamma ray burst galaxies 5 6.0
GN-2010B-SV-154 R. Kotak GNIRS spectroscopy of rare supernovae 6 4.2
GN-2010B-SV-155 C. Tremonti Exploring the Nature of a High-Ionization Gas Outflow in a Post-Starburst galaxy 6 2.1
GN-2010B-SV-156 R. Webster The structure of a quasar broad line region 6 14.3
GN-2010B-SV-157 L. Cidale B[e] supergiants: Unravelling the nature of their non-spherical winds 7,6 5.4
GN-2010B-SV-158 R. King Testing atmospheric and evolutionary models across the brown dwarf / planet boundary with benchmark objects 8 4.5
GN-2010B-SV-159 D. Wooden Probing Two Mysteries with One Comet that is the EPOXI Mission Target 8,7 2.0
GN-2010B-SV-160 K. Luhman Spectroscopy of a Candidate Substellar Companion 1 0.6
GN-2010B-SV-161 B. Mobasher Kinematics of Lyman Break Galaxies with Elongated Morphologies: Filamentary Infall or Rotating Disks? 1 4.0
GN-2010B-SV-162 M. Muratore Kinematics of B[e] supergiant stars' disks 3 1.0
GN-2010B-SV-163 A. Granada The circumstellar environment of Be stars 4 2.6
GN-2010B-SV-164 R. Fadely Measuring the Steepness of Substructure Density Profiles with Lensed Broad Line Flux Ratios 5 9.2
GN-2010B-SV-165 H. Landt A Near-IR relation for estimating AGN black hole masses 5 5.3

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