Gemini Staff Publications 2015

This is Section 2 of the Gemini Publications site, "Science and engineering papers by Gemini staff".

Where possible, listings are linked to their ADS entries. Listings are in reverse chronological order (most recent first). If your published paper does not appear in this list, please contact the Librarian at xzhang "AT" .

Refereed Publications

Levenson, N. A.[11]. Sub-arcsec mid-IR observations of NGC 1614: Nuclear star formation or an intrinsically X-ray weak AGN?. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 454:3679-3687. December, 2015.

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Goodsell, Stephen J.[26]; Hibon, Pascale[28]; Rantakyrö, Fredrik T.[42]. Astrometric Confirmation and Preliminary Orbital Parameters of the Young Exoplanet 51 Eridani b with the Gemini Planet Imager. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 814:L3-. November, 2015.

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Non-Refereed Publications

Trujillo, Chad A.[3]. Evidence for an Impact Event on (493) Griseldis. American Astronomical Society, 47:232-245. November, 2015.

Trujillo, Chadwick A.[1]. Deep Surveys for Inner Oort Cloud Objects. American Astronomical Society, 47. November, 2015.

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