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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
A Bow Shock of Heated Dust Surrounding the Galactic Center Source IRS 8 Geballe (1), Rigaut (2), Roy (3) AAS Meeting 201 #145.03 12/2002  
3-D Structure of Outflows from Young Stars: GMOS IFU Observations of HH 32 Beck; Aspin AAS Meeting 201 #142.01 12/2002  
Stellar Crowding and the Science Case for Extremely Large Telescopes Rigaut (3) BAAS 34 1131 12/2002  
Absorption Line Survey of H3+ toward the Galactic Center Sources I. GCS 3-2 and GC IRS3 Geballe (3)PASJ54951-961 12/2002
The Recent Evolution Of The Dwarf Starburst Galaxy NGC 625 From Hubble Space Telescope Imaging Miller (6) BAAS 34 1294 12/2002  
Deconstructing HD 28867 Beck (2) BAAS 34 1260 12/2002  
3.4 Micron Emission from Aliphatic Hydrocarbons in Proto-Planetary Nebulae Geballe (3) BAAS 34 1253 12/2002  
HST and Gemini Images of the Radio Galaxy 0313-192: A Giant Radio Source from the Wrong Kind of Galaxy Ledlow (2) BAAS 34 1245 12/2002  
Globular Cluster Systems in Dwarf Galaxies Miller (3) BAAS 34 1237 12/2002  
L'- and M'-band Photometry and Models of Brown Dwarfs: Evidence for Non-Equilibrium Chemistry Geballe (7) BAAS 34 1176 12/2002  
Water-Ice Absorption as a Probe of the Environments of Young Stars Beck (1st) BAAS 34 1134 12/2002  
The Space Density of Field Methane (``T") Dwarfs Geballe (11) BAAS 34 1125 12/2002  
Galaxies Near PKS1756+237: A Demonstration of the GMOS Nod & Shuffle Roth (1st), JØrgensen (2nd) BAAS 34
First Results from the Gemini-South/FLAMINGOS Demonstration Science Program: Infrared Multi-Object Spectroscopy in the HDF-S and the GOODS Southern Field Ledlow (3rd) BAAS 34
The STate of the ARt Telescope Educational Collaboration (STARTEC) Michaud (8th) BAAS 34
The Diversity of Extremely Red Objects Ledlow (6) ApJ 581 844-864 12/2002  
Design for a phase 0 network Walker (2) SPIE 4844
12/2002 #86
The Gemini Observatory Multi­continental Network Kennedy SPIE 4845
11/2002 #89
V838 Monocerotis Geballe (1st) IAUC80161 11/15/2002
The interstellar extinction to V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's object) Geballe (2nd)A&A394971-974 11/2002
Characterizing the Adaptive Optics Off-Axis Point-Spread Function. I. A Semiempirical Method for Use in Natural Guide Star Observations Rigaut (11th)PASP1141267-1280 11/2002
Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph Observations of SCUBA Galaxies behind A851 Ledlow (1st) ApJ577L79-L82 10/01/2002
The 1.95-2.50 m Spectrum of J6 Himalia Geballe (1st)Icarus159542-544 10/2002
Ground-based detection of a vibration-rotation line of HD in Orion Geballe (1st), Mountain (5) Planetary and Space Science501185-1188 10/2002
Is NGC 2024-IRS2 a Young Massive Star Surrounded by a Circumstellar Disk? Geballe (6th)ASP Conference Proceedings267381 10/2002
Hokupa`a Anisoplanatism and Mauna Kea Turbulence Characterization Flicker, RigautPASP1141006-101509/2002
Integral Field Spectroscopy with the Gemini Multiobject Spectrograph. I. Design, Construction, and Testing Miller (6); Jorgensen (7) PASP 114 892-912 09/2002  
Star Formation and Mass of NGC 6052 and I Zw 207 Takamiya (2); Jorgensen (4) BAAS 34 956 09/2002  
A Second Prominent Hot-Spot Event for Uranus' Thermosphere Geballe (3) BAAS 34 905 09/2002  
Discovery of a Loosely-bound Companion to Main-belt Asteroid (3749) Balam Rigaut (6) BAAS 34 835 09/2002  
A multigrid preconditioned conjugate gradient method for large scale wavefront reconstructionEllerbroek (3rd)OSA A 19
Unusual Broad Absorption Line Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Geballe (10th)ApJS141267-30908/2002
Sakurai's Object (V4334 Sgr): evolution of the dust shell from 1999 to 2001 Geballe (3rd)MNRAS334875-88208/2002
Models of infrared spectra of Sakurai's Object (V4334 Sgr) in 1997Geballe (2nd)A&A390621-62608/2002
The M31 Dwarf Spheroidal Companion Andromeda V: g', r', and i' Imaging with the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph on Gemini North JØrgensen (3rd)AJ124886-89508/2002
The Luminosity Functions of Old and Intermediate-Age Globular Clusters in NGC 3610 Miller (4) AJ 124 147-157 07/2002  
The Near Infrared Spectrum of MirandaEvidence of Crystalline Water Ice Geballe (3rd)Icarus158178-19007/2002
The Highly Collimated HH 92 Jet and Parsec-Scale Outflow from IRAS 05399-0121 Aspin (3rd) ApJ574L79-L8207/2002
Characterization of wind loading of telescopes (no ADS link) Sheehan (3) SPIE 4757 72-83 07/2002  
Redshifts for a Sample of Radio-selected Poor Clusters Ledlow (2) AJ 123 3018-3040 06/2002  
1E 2259+586 Jensen (2), Rigaut (3), Hatakeyama (4) IAUC79261 06/24/2002
Star Formation and Mass of NGC 6052 and I Zw 207Takamiya (2nd), JØrgensen (4th) BAAS 34
Possible detection of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's Object) at 450 and 850μm Geballe (2nd)MNRAS332 L69-L7206/2002
IM Normae Miller (2nd) IAUC7896 205/09/02
Atmospheric analysis of the M/L and M/T dwarf binary systems LHS 102 and Gliese 229 Geballe (4th)MNRAS33278-9005/2002
Search for the 3.4-μm C-H Spectral Bands on Low-Albedo Asteroids Geballe (2nd)Icarus156434-44104/2002
Efficient Computation of Minimum Variance Wavefront Reconstructors Using Sparse Matrix TechniquesEllerbroek Journal of the Optical Society of America A. 19
Observations of H3 in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium Geballe (3rd) ApJ567391-40603/01/02
An atlas of 2.4 to 4.1 mu m ISO/SWS spectra of early-type stars Geballe (5th)A&A384473-490 03/202002
NGC 4314. IV. Photometry of Star Clusters with the Hubble Space Telescope: History of Star Formation in the Vicinity of a Nuclear Ring JØrgensen (3rd)AJ1231411-1432 03/2002
V838 Monocerotis Geballe (1st) IAUC 7855 2 03/2002  
V838 Monocerotis Rodgers (4th) IAUC78341 02/22/2002
S/2002 (3749) 1 Rigaut (6th) IAUC78271 02/13/2002
Integral field spectroscopy with the GEMINI multiobject spectrographs Miller (5); Turner (6); Jorgensen (7) Experimental Astronomy 13 1-37 02/2002  
Detection of a Vibration-Rotation Emission Line of Hydrogen Deuteride toward Orion Peak 1: Excitation Coupling of HD to H2Geballe (3rd), Mountain (5th) ApJ566905-909 0220/02
Gemini north and south laser guide star systems requirements and preliminary designs D'Orgeville (1); Catone (2); Ellerbroek (4); SPIE 4494 302-316 02/2002  
Multiconjugate adaptive optics with hybrid laser beacon systems Ellerbroek (2) SPIE 4494 290-301 02/2002  
Gemini MCAO control systemBoyer, Sebag, Hunten, SaddlemyerSPIE4494167-180 02/2002
A Wave Optics Propagation Code for Multi-Congugate Adaptive Optics Ellerbroek (1st) SPIE 4494104-120 02/2002#69
Peculiar Variable in Monoceros Geballe (1st) IAUC77961 01/19/2002
Infrared Photometry of Late-M, L, and T Dwarfs Geballe (4th) ApJ564452-46501/2002
Toward Spectral Classification of L and T Dwarfs: Infrared and Optical Spectroscopy and Analysis Geballe (1st) ApJ564466-48101/2002
Spectroscopic Variability of the UXOR Star RR Tauri Rodgers (1st) ApJ 564 405-420 01/2002  
The SAURON project - II. Sample and early results Miller (9) MNRAS 329 513-530 01/2002  
The GMOS Integral Field Unit: First Integral Field Spectroscopy with an 8m Telescope Miller (6); Turner (7); Jorgensen (8) ASP Conference Proceedings 282 415 01/2002  
The properties of the dust around Nova V705 Cas Geballe (5th)AIP Conference Proceedings637275-27800/2002
Modelling the dust around Sakurai's Object Geballe (4th)Astrophysics and Space Science279139-14700/2002
The Infrared Evolution of Sakurai's Object Geballe (1st)Astrophysics and Space Science27939-4900/2002
Tilt Anisoplanatism and PSF Retrieval in LGS MCAO using a Predictive ControllerFlicker, Rigaut ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings 58
Ground-conjugate Wide Field Adaptive Optics for the ELT'sRigaut ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings 58
The Tully-Fisher Relation of Distant Cluster Spirals Jorgensen (4th) ASP Conference Proceedings 283 346 00/2002  
The evolution of disk galaxies in clusters JØrgensen (4th)Astrophysics and Space Science281339-34200/2002
Dynamical Friction in dE Globular Cluster Systems Miller (2) IAU Symposium 207 593 00/2002  
Globular Clusters in Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies Miller (1st) IAU Symposium 207 303 00/2002  
The Globular Cluster Systems of the Sculptor Group Miller (2) IAU Symposium 207 275 00/2002  

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