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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
The Star Formation History of LGS 3 Miller (1st) ApJ 562 713-726 12/2001  
Early Results from the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph Roth (1); Jorgensen (2); Takamiya (4) BAAS 34 571 12/2001  
Masses of Nearby Irregular Galaxies from WIYN IFU data Takamiya (1st); Chun (2nd); Jorgensen (3rd) BAAS 34
A Survey of z>5.8 Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. Discovery of Three New Quasars and the Spatial Density of Luminous Quasars at z~6 Geballe (21st) AJ1222833-284912/2001
Further evidence for the FU Orionis nature of PP 13S Aspin (1st) MNRAS328751-76112/2001
The 1993-1994 Activity of EX Lupi Aspin (2nd) PASP1131547-155312/2001
The Andromeda Project: Mapping the Small-Scale ISM Roth (4) BAAS 33 1391 12/2001  
High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Imaging of NGC 4151 Fisher (5) BAAS 33 1373 12/2001  
Three-dimensional Spectral Classification of Low-Metallicity Stars Using Artificial Neural Networks von Kippel (3) ApJ 562 528-548 11/2001  
Detection and Significance of [Zn IV] 3.625 Microns in Planetary NebulaeGeballe (2nd) ApJ562515-52011/2001
Solar System Objects Observed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data Geballe (12th) AJ1222749-278411/2001
Adaptive Optics Observations of Saturn's Inner Moons Hayward (3) BAAS 33 1187    
Infrared Observations of Comet 81P/Wild 2 in 1997 Hayward (2) BAAS 33 1076 11/2001  
Latitudinal Variations of the 2 m Absorption Features of (H 2 ) 2 Dimers in the Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn Geballe (3) BAAS 33 1044 11/2001  
Ground-based detection of a vibration-rotation line of HD in Orion Geballe (1st); Mountain (5th) Planetary and Space Science: Proceedings of the conference, "Deuterium in the Universe,"

Deep 10 Micron Imaging of M87 Fisher (5) ApJ 561 L51-L54
Modal and Operating Characterization of an Optical TelescopeSheehanProceedings of the 19th International Modal Analysis Conference

Comparison of Pressure Measurements and Operating Data for Wind Excitation of Telescope StructuresSheehan, ChoSound & VibrationJune 20011-1011/2001#78
Wind buffeting effects on the Gemini 8-m primary mirrors Cho (1); Stepp (2) SPIE 4444 302-314 11/2001  
Constraints on the Composition of Trojan Asteroid 624 Hektor
Geballe (4th)
A Wave Optics Propagation Code for MCAO Ellerbroek (1st) SPIE 4494 104
Gemini North and South Laser Guide Start System Requirements and Preliminary Designs d'Orgeville(1); Catone (3); Ellerbroek (4) SPIE 4494 302
Gemini MCAO Control System Boyer (1); Sebag (2); Hunten (3) SPIE 4494 167
Methods for correcting tilt anisoplanatism in laser-guide-star-based multiconjugate adaptive optics Ellerbroek; Rigaut Journal of the Optical Society of America A: 18 2539-2547 10/2001  
Observations of O VI Emission from the Diffuse Interstellar Medium Roth (16) ApJ 560 730-741 10/2001  
The SAURON project - I. The panoramic integral-field spectrograph Miller (4th) MNRAS 326 23-35 09/2001  
Adaptive optics L-band observations of the Galactic Center region Rigaut (5th) A&A376124-13509/2001
Near-infrared echelle spectroscopy of Class I protostars: molecular hydrogen emission-line (MHEL) regions revealed Aspin (4th) MNRAS326524-53809/2001
Multiwavelength observations revealing the outbursts of the two soft X-ray transients XTE J1859+226 and XTE J1118+480 Geballe (10) Exploring the gamma-ray universe. Proceedings of the Fourth INTEGRAL Workshop   491-494 09/2001  
Optical And Infrared Spectroscopy Of The Type II Sn 1998S: Days 3-127 Geballe (4th);Puxley (13th) MNRAS 325907-93008/2001
Infrared Observations and Modeling of One of the Coolest T Dwarfs: Gliese 570D Geballe ApJ 556373-37907/2001
A White Dwarf Distance to M5 and the RR Lyrae Luminosity Calibration von Hippel (1st) BAAS 33 78805/2001
Near-infrared spectroscopy of the circumnuclear star formation regions in M100: Evidence for sequential triggering Takamiya (3rd) MNRAS32366305/2001
Dust-penetrated morphology in the high-redshift universe: Clues from NGC 922 Takamiya (3rd) A&A371393-40305/2001
A Near-Infrared Wide-Field Proper Motion Search for Brown Dwarfs Simons (3rd) BAAS 33 890
The Start of Scientific Observations with the Gemini North TelescopeRoy BAAS 33 81305/2001
Hokupa'a Performance and Point Spread Function Characterization Roth (1); Chun (3); Jensen (4); Jorgensen (5); Rigaut (6); Walther (7) BAAS 33 785
Dynamical Friction in DE Globular Cluster Systems Miller (4th) ApJ 552572-58105/2001
A large-scale jet and FR I radio source in a spiral galaxy: the host properties and external environment Ledlow (1st) ApJ 552120-13205/2001#67
The Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Hubble Constant Jensen (1st) ApJ 550503-52104/2001#64
V4334 Sagittarii Geballe (1st) IAUC 7609 2 04/2001  
An all-sky set of (B)-V-R photometric calibrators for Schmidt surveys. GSPC2.1: First release Garcia Yus (2nd) A&A 368 335-346 03/2001  
The Nuclear Cusp Slopes of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies Miller (2nd) AJ 1211385-139403/2001
The brightness of SN 1991T and the uniformity of decline-rate and colour corrected absolute magnitudes of supernovae Ia Jensen (2nd) A&A368391-39703/2001
Infrared Line Emission in the Interacting Region of Arp 244 (the Antennae): Colliding Molecular Cloud Complexes? Geballe (2nd) ApJL549L59-L6203/2001
A Cluster's Last Stand: The Death of Palomar 13 Takamiya (4th) AJ121935-95002/2001
New results on the helium stars in the galactic center using BEAR spectro-imagery Rigaut (4th) A&A366466-48002/2001
Gemini North Galactic Center Demonstration Science Project Rigaut (2nd) Galactic Center Newsletter 124-602/2001
Galaxy Mapping with the SAURON Integral-Field Spectrograph: The Star Formation History of NGC 4365 Miller (8th) ApJL548L33-L3602/2001
A search for possible interactions between ejections from GRS 1915+105 and the surrounding interstellar medium Geballe (4th) A&A3661035-104602/2001
Infrared Spectra and Spectral Energy Distributions of Late M and L Dwarfs Geballe (3rd) ApJ548908-91802/2001
Improved compensation of turbulence-induced amplitude and phase distortions by means of multiple near-field phase adjustments Ellerbroek (2) Journal of the Optical Society of America A: 18399-41102/2001
Infrared helium-hydrogen line ratios as a measure of stellar effective temperature Puxley (2nd) MNRAS 32083-10201/2001
PHARO: A Near-Infrared Camera for the Palomar Adaptive Optics System Hayward (1st) PASP 113105-11801/2001
Decoding The Domino: The Dark Side Of Iapetus Geballe (4th) Icarus149160-17201/2001
The science case for the multi-conjugate adaptive optics system on the Gemini South Telescope Rigaut, Roy The science case for the multi-conjugate adaptive optics system on the Gemini South Telescope     00/2001  
The Ages of Circumnuclear Starbursts from Near-IR Spectroscopy: Bushfires or Mexican Wave? Takamiya (5) ASP Conference Series 249 501 00/2001  
Infrared Spectroscopy of Atomic Lines in Gaseous Nebulae Geballe (3) ASP Conference Series 247 479 00/2001  
Ages and Metal Contents of Early-Type Galaxies Jørgensen ASP Conference Series 245 491-499 00/2001
The Ages of Early-Type Galaxies From Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuations Jensen (1st) ASP Conference Series 245 442 00/2001  
White Dwarfs in Opern Clusters: New Tests of Stellar Evolution and the Age of the Galaxy von Kippel ASP Conference Series 245 190 00/2001  
Understanding Circumnuclear Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies Takamiya (3rd) ASP Conference Series230327-32800/2001
The Duality of Spiral Structure, and a Quantitative Dust Penetrated Morphological Tuning Fork at Low and High Redshift Takamiya (5th) ASP Conference Series 230 137-144 00/2001
Understanding Galaxies in 3-D Takamiya (1st) Birth and Evolution of the Universe, proceedings of the 4th RESCEU   419 00/2001  
Infrared Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarfs: the Onset of CH 4 Absorption in L Dwarfs and the L/T Transition Geballe (1st) Ultracool Dwarfs: New Spectral Types L and T   83 00/2001  
The Hel Star Cluster in the Galactic Center Revisited Rigaut (4) ASP Conference Series 228 509 00/2001  
The Future of White Dwarf Observing von Kippel ASP Conference Series 226 415 00/2001  
White Dwarf Cooling Ages in Open Clusters von Kippel ASP Conference Series 226 14 00/2001  

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