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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Measurements Using the Hokupaa Adaptive Optics System on Gemini Jensen (1), Chun (2) BAAS 32
1604 12/2000
Stellar Populations of LSB galaxies: spectral observations with the HET Jorgensen (2nd) BAAS 32
1593 12/2000
Infrared Recombination Line Profiles in the Interaction Region of the Antennae Geballe (2nd) BAAS 32
1533 12/2000
The Star Formation History of LGS 3 Miller (1st) BAAS 32
1530 12/2000 #74
Dissecting Nearby Galaxies Takamiya, Chun BAAS 32
1525 12/2000
Extragalactic astronomy with Hokupaa on Gemini-North Chun BAAS 32
1508 12/2000
WIYN Open Cluster Study: WIYN Deep BVI CCD Photometry of the Young Open Cluster M35 von Hippel (2nd) BAAS 32
1461 12/2000
New observations and modeling of dusty debris around nearby stars Walther (12th) BAAS 32
1410 12/2000
H 3 + in the diffuse gas in in front of HD183143 Geballe (1st) BAAS 32 1404 12/2000  
An Early-Time Infrared And Optical Study Of Supernova 1998Bu In M96 Geballe (8th) MNRAS 319 223 12/2000
The Peak Brightness and Spatial Distribution of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars Near the Nucleus of M32 Rigaut (2nd), Chun (3rd) ApJ545L89-L9212/2000
The Onset Of Methane In Brown Dwarfs Geballe (2nd)ApJ541L75-L7810/2000
Spectroscopy Of The Candidate Luminous Blue Variable At The Center Of The Ring Nebula G79.29+0.46 Geballe (2nd)A&A362236-24410/2000
Detection Of Daily Clouds On Titan Geballe (3rd)Science290509-51310/2000
CO Band Emission From MWC349. First Overtone Bands From a Disk or a Wind? Geballe (3rd)A&A362158-16810/2000
The Spectral Signature of Water Ice on Miranda Geballe (4th) BAAS 32
1078 10/2000
Trojan Asteroid 624 Hektor: Constraints on Surface Composition Geballe (3rd) BAAS 32
Weather on Titan Geballe (3rd) BAAS 32
1024 10/2000
Three-Micrometer CH4 Line Emission from Titan's High-Altitude Atmosphere Geballe (2nd)Icarus147588-59110/2000
Water Ice on Triton Geballe (6th)Icarus147309-31609/2000
Molecular Abundances in the Atmosphere of the T Dwarf GL 229B Geballe (2nd) ApJ 541 374-389 09/2000  
The White Dwarf Cooling Age of the Open Cluster NGC 2420 von Hippel (1st) AJ1201384-139509/2000#63
SWIR at the Nordic Optical Telescope: NOTCam Aspin (2nd)SPIE4008714-71908/2000
The Gemini Instrument ProgramSimons, Gillett, Oschmann, Mountain, NolanSPIE400828-3908/2000#59
Distributed User Support and the Gemini Observatory HelpDeskChan, PuxleySPIE401072-8007/2000#56
Scaling Multi-conjugate Adaptive Optics Performance Estimates to Extremely Large Telescopes Ellerbroek, Rigaut SPIE 4007 1088-1099 07/2000 #51
Comparison of multiconjugate adaptive optics configurations and control algorithms for the Gemini South 8-m telescope Rigaut (2), Ellerbroek (3) SPIE 4007 1032-1043 07/2000
Principles, Limitations and Performance of Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Rigaut (1), Ellerbroek (2) SPIE 4007 1022-1031 07/2000 #62
Turbulence and wind profiling with generalized scidar at Cerro Pachon Chun (3rd) SPIE 4007 721-732 07/2000
Gemini Prime Focus Wavefront Sensor Sebag, Walther, Gigoux, Oschmann, Cavedoni SPIE 4007 452-460 07/2000 #57
Curvature-based laser guide star adaptive optics system for Gemini-South Chun (1), d'Orgeville (2), Ellerbroek (3), Rigaut (6) SPIE 4007 142-148 07/2000 #60
LGS AO Photo Return Simulations and Laser Requirements for the Gemini LGS AO Program d'Orgeville, Rigaut, Ellerbroek SPIE 4007 131-141 07/2000 #55
Design and performance of an 85-actuator curvature system Rigaut (4) SPIE 4007 126-130 07/2000
First light for Hokupa'a 36 on Gemini North Rigaut (7th), Chun (8th) SPIE 4007 26-30 07/2000
The Continuing Saga Of Sakurai's Object (V334 Sgr): Dust Production And Helium Line Emission Geballe (3rd) MNRAS 315 595 07/2000
Effect of Gemini primary mirror position, relative to the lateral support, on mirror figure Cho, Stepp SPIE 4003 165-175 07/2000 #61
The Missing Link: Early Methane (T) Dwarfs In The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Geballe (2nd)ApJL536L35-3806/2000
Videoconferencing at GeminiWright, FujiokaSPIE401176-8106/2000#54
Network Infrastructure Improvements at GeminiWright, Fujioka, KennedySPIE401170-7506/2000#53
Gemini Primary Mirror Control System: Design, Implementation and Experience Maclean SPIE 4009 276-287 06/2000 #52
Discovering the Missing Link: Early Methane Dwarfs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Geballe (3rd) BAAS 32
Spectra of Early and Late(r) Methane Dwarfs in the SDSS and 2MASS Geballe (1st) BAAS 32
NGC 4314 - a Galaxy Dynamicist's Playground Jorgensen (3rd) BAAS 32
WIYN Open Cluster Study: UBVRI CCD Photometry of M35 von Hippel (7th) BAAS 32
The Discovery Of A Second Field Methane Dwarf From Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data Geballe (4th)ApJL531L61-L6503/2000
A Second Luminous Blue Variable in the Quintuplet Cluster Geballe (1st) ApJL530L97-L10102/2000#49
Optics adapt to the whole skyEllerbroek, RigautNature6765 25-2601/2000
Fluorescent Molecular Hydrogen in the Extragalactic Giant HII Region NGC5461 Puxley (1), Mountain (3) ApJ529224-22801/2000#46
Gas temperatures during the debris-disk phase of planetary formation Walther (2nd)IAU Symposium 202

The 3.3 microns PAH feature in Vega-type stars Walther (1st) IAU Symposium 202

The WIYN Open Cluster Study: A New Color-Magnitude Diagram for M35 - A Twin of the Pleiades? von Hippel (1st) ASP Conference Series 198 75 00/2000
The Hosts of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies Jensen (5th) ASP Conference Series 197
Adaptive Optics Challenges for the ELT'sRigaut, Ragazzoni, Mountain, ChunESO Conf Proc5716800/2000#48
H + 3 between the stars Geballe Astronomy, physics and chemistry of H+3   2503 00/2000
The role of H + 3 in planetary atmospheres Geballe (4th) Astronomy, physics and chemistry of H+3   2485    
Excitation of H 2 and HD in Shocks and PDRs Geballe (6th) IAU Symposium 197 191 00/2000  
Strong Unidentified Emission Line at 2.8935 5m from ISO Observations Geballe (2nd) Atomic and Molecular Data for Astrophysics: New Developments, Case Studies and Future Needs     00/2000  

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