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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
An Infrared Investigation of Volatiles in Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner Geballe (7) ICARUS 142 482-497 12/1999  
Evidence for Methane Segregation at the Surface of Pluto Geballe (7) ICARUS 142 421-444 12/1999  
The Binary L-Dwarf DENIS-P J0205-1159 Geballe (3) BAAS 31 1533 12/1999  
The Luminosity Functions of Low Redshift Field and Cluster Galaxies Jorgensen (1st) AAS Meeting 31 1387 12/1999
4334 Sagittarii GeballeIAUC715931999
The IR Surface Brightness Fluctuation Hubble Diagram Jensen (1st) BAAS 31 902 05/1999
WIYN Open Cluster Study 2: UBVRI CCD Photometry of the Open Cluster NGC 188 von Hippel (2) AJ1182894-290712/1999
High-Resolution Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Pistol Nebula: Evidence for Ejection Geballe (3rd)ApJ525 759-77111/1999
H2 Quadrupole and H3+ Emission from Uranus: The Uranian Thermosphere, Ionosphere, and Aurora Geballe (3rd)ApJ524 1059108310/1999
GM Sagittarii Geballe (3rd) IAUC 7267 2 10/1999
The Discovery of a Field Methane Dwarf from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Commissioning Data Geballe (5th)ApJ522L61S09/1999
Gemini Mauna Kea Laser Guide Star System d'Orgeville, Chun, Sebag, Boyer, Montgomery, Oschmann, Rigaut, and SimonsSPIE3762 150-160
Mid-Infrared Spectra of Late-Type Stars: Long-Term Evolution Geballe (2nd)ApJ52126108/1999
Quantitative Measurements of E/S0 Morphology: HST Observations of a Cluster at Z = 0.39 Jorgensen (2) ASP182505-08/1999
Strong helium 10830-E absorption in Sakurai's object (V4334 Sgr) Geballe (3rd)MNRAS307L1107/1999
E and S0 Galaxies in the Central Part of the Coma Cluster: Ages, metal abundances and dark matterJorgensenMNRAS306607-63607/1999#42
Theoretical Modelling of Hot Stars Geballe (4th)ASP18634006/1999
Galaxy Structural Parameters: Star Formation Rate and Evolution with Redshift (Dissertation Summary)TakamiyaPASP11177206/1999
Revised Fluxes for Gliese 229B Geballe (3rd)ApJ517L13905/1999
Galaxy Structural Parameters: Star Formation Rate and Evolution with RedshiftTakamiya ApJS122109-15005/1999#44
High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy and Nuclear Clusters in the Starburst Galaxy NGC1614 Puxley (1st) ApJ514675-04/1999#39
The effect of magnetic fields on gamma-ray bursts inferred from multi-wavelength observations of the burst of 23 January 1999. Geballe (40th) Nature 398 394 1/4/1999
The Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances to the Hydra and Coma Clusters Jensen (1st) ApJ 510 71-8101/1999#38
Galaxy Surface Photometry Jorgensen (2) Baltic Astronomy 8535-57400/1999#58
Morphological Evolution of GalaxiesTakamiyaAp&SS 269/270339-34400/1999#47
The Excitation Mechanism of NIR H_2 Emission Lines in PDRs Geballe (8th) H2 in Space, meeting held in Paris, France, September 28th - October 1st, 1999.
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