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This is Section 2 of the Gemini Publications site, "Science and engineering papers by Gemini staff".

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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
Submillimetre Images of Dusty Disks around nearby Main-sequence StarsWalther (11th) et al BAAS 29128612/1997
Observations of Fluorescent Molecular Hydrogen in Star-Forming Galaxies Puxley (1st), Mountain (4) AAS191 1356
Therm-optic analysis of bi-metallic mirrors Vukobratovich, Gerzoff, ChoSPIE313212-2310/1997#24
Execution of Queue-Scheduled Observations with GeminiPuxleySPIE3112234-24509/1997#19
User Interface for the Control of the Gemini TelescopesSmith, GilliesSPIE3112152-15909/1997#22
Science Planning for the Gemini 8m TelescopesWampler, Gillies, Puxley, WalkerSPIE3112246-25309/1997#20
Communications Challenge for the Gemini 8m TelescopesWrightSPIE3112256-26609/1997#23
Observations of Millimetre-Wavelength Hydrogen Recombination LInes in the Galaxy NGC253 Puxley (1st), Mountain (2) ApJ485143-08/1997#18
Active Optics Performance Study of the Primary Mirror of the Gemini Telescopes ProjectChoSPIE2871272-29003/1997#9
Prototype Testing of a Surface Heating System for the Gemini 8-m TelescopesHansen, Hagelbarger, PearsonSPIE2871667-67303/1997#12
Gemini Primary Mirror Cell DesignHuangSPIE2871291-30003/1997#10
Management of the Gemini 8-m Telescopes ProjectKurz, MountainSPIE2871227-23103/1997#7
Managing an Internationally Distributed Instrumentation & Controls ProjectMcGonegalSPIE2871232-24203/1997#8
What is beyond the current generation of groundbased 8-m to 10-m class telescopes and the VLT-I?MountainSPIE2871597-60603/1997#11
Gemini 8-M Telescopes ProjectMountain, Gillett, KurzSPIE287115-2303/1997#5
Gemini 8 Meter Telescopes Performance Estimates UpdateOschmannSPIE287188-9803/1997#6
Observing with a 21st Century Groundbased Telescope - or How to do Unique Science with the Gemini TelescopesPuxley, BorosonSPIE2871744-75403/1997#13
Gemini Instrumentation Program OverviewSimons, Gillett, McGonegalSPIE28711070-108103/1997#15
Software Design of the Gemini 8m TelescopesWamplerSPIE28711012-101903/1997#14
The Spatial Distribution of Stellar CO Absorption in M83 Puxley (1st) ApJ476120-02/1997#4

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