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This is Section 2 of the Gemini Publications site, "Science and engineering papers by Gemini staff".

Where possible, listings are linked to their ADS entries. Listings are in reverse chronological order (most recent first). If your published paper does not appear in this list, please contact Xiaoyu Zhang at

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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
Thermal Analysis on Hex Placement Patterns of the Gemini Primary MirrorsCho, PowellSPIE285728-4411/1996#16
The Gemini Telescopes ProjectGillett, Mountain, Kurz, Simon, Smith, BorosonRMxAA47511/1996RPT-PS-G0064
The Solar Neighborhood III: A Near Infrared Search for Widely Separated Low Mass Binaries Simons (1st) AJ1122238-11/1996#3
High Resolution 3.8 micron Imaging of the Galactic Center Simons (1st) AJ1111908-05/1996
The Gemini Interlock System---An EPICS ApplicationBurnsASP101372-37500/1996
The Gemini Project's Software Development MethodologyMcGonegalASP101293-29600/1996
New Observing Modes for the Next Century - A SummaryMountainASP87235-00/1996RPT-PS-G0061
A Search for Infrared Positronium Line Emission from the Great Annihilator near the Galactic Centre Puxley (1st)
Fourier Imaging Spectroscopy of the Galactic CenterSimonsASP102232-00/1996#1
Nature of the tracking problem for Gemini Jenkins, Dillon, Burns, McGonegal, Oschmann, Robertson Adaptive Optics. ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings   275 00/1996  
Gemini 8-m telescopes active and adaptive optics update Oschmann, Robertson, Simons, Kurz,  Mountain, Jenkins, Herriot Adaptive Optics. ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings   83 00/1996  
H2 Emission from the Galactic Centre Molecular Ring Mountain (2) ASP 102 163 00/1996  

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