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This is Section 2 of the Gemini Publications site, "Science and engineering papers by Gemini staff".

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TitleAuthor(s)JournalVolumePagesPublication DatePreprint No.
Tracking performance of the Gemini 8-m telescopesBurnsSPIE2199805-816x06/1994x
Optimization strategy of axial and lateral supports for large primary mirrorsChoSPIE2199841-85106/1994x
Gemini primary mirror thermal management systemGreenhalgh, Stepp, HansenSPIE2199911-92106/1994x
Design and modeling of a 1-m silicon carbide f/16 secondary for the Gemini 8-m telescopesHansen, RobertsSPIE2199835-84006/1994x
Real-time environment for the Gemini 8-m telescopesMcGeheeSPIE2199798-80406/1994x
Control philosophy of the Gemini 8-m telescopesMcGonegalSPIE2199783-79706/1994x
Instrumentation support at Cassegrain for the Gemini telescopesMontgomery, Robertson, WielandSPIE21981127-113806/1994x
Gemini 8-m telescopes projectMountain, Kurz, OschmannSPIE219941-5506/1994x
Gemini enclosure and support facility design philosophy and design descriptionRaybould, Ford, Hardash, Gillett, PentlandSPIE2199452-46406/1994x
Gemini telescope structure designRaybould, Gillett, Hatton, Pentland, Sheehan, WarnerSPIE2199376-39306/1994x
Gemini instrumentationRobertson, MountainSPIE2198143-15206/1994x
Gemini primary mirror support systemStepp, Huang, ChoSPIE2199223-23806/1994x
Adaptive optics performance analysis for the Gemini 8-m Telescopes ProjectEllerbroek, Pompea, Robertson, MountainSPIE2201421-43605/1994x
Software package for adaptive optics performance analysisWampler, Ellerbroek, GilliesSPIE2201239-24505/1994x
The Real-Time Computing Environment for the Gemini 8-m TelescopesMcGeheeASP61465-46800/1994x
Infrared instruments for the Gemini 8-M telescopesMountain, RobertsonExpAstron3305-30800/1994x
Off-the-shelf Control of Data Analysis SoftwareWamplerASP61511-51400/1994x


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