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Download the latest version of the Gemini IRAF package


Stable version: v1.14
AstroConda version: v1.14
Revision note: gemini_v114_rev.txt

Obtaining the software:

The Gemini IRAF package, and its dependencies, including IRAF and PyRAF, are distributed with Anaconda, through the AstroConda distribution channel. Please follow the installation instructions provided below. (For new installation, Updating Gemini IRAF)


The version of IRAF distributed through AstroConda has been modified to make it compatible with the Gemini IRAF package and to allow compilation on recent operating systems.

Ureka Users:

We encourage you to switch to AstroConda at your earliest convenience. The current release, v1.14, is the last one to be tested with Ureka. Follow the manual installation instructions below to install from a tarball.

Installation instructions for Gemini IRAF

New Installation of Gemini IRAF from AstroConda

For new Anaconda and/or AstroConda users, some steps are required prior to installing the Gemini IRAF package. For all the details on AstroConda, see For a quick start that suffices in most cases, please follow these instructions:

IMPORTANT: Anaconda requires the use of the bash shell. Tcsh or csh will not work. If you are using (t)csh, your first step is:

    • % /bin/bash -l

If you are already using bash, proceed.

  1. If you don’t have Anaconda installed already, please do install it. Otherwise, go to step 2. It can be downloaded from It does not matter whether you select the Python 3.6 or Python 2.7 version; when the geminiconda environment is created later, Python 2.7 will be installed anyway.

    Make sure that ~/anaconda/bin/activate is in your PATH, e.g. PATH=~/anaconda/bin:$PATH in your .bash_profile. The Anaconda installer should offer to add it for you.
  2. Activate Anaconda. (Here we assume that it was installed in your home directory.)
    • % source ~/anaconda/bin/activate
  3. Define the AstroConda channel. This needs to be done just once.
    • % conda config --add channels
  4. Create the geminiconda environment. Here we name the environment “geminiconda”, but you can name it whatever you want, just change the name after the -n” to your preference.
    • % conda create -n geminiconda python=2.7 iraf-all pyraf-all stsci gemini
  5. Whenever you want the "geminiconda" environment available to you to reduce your data, simply activate it:

    You might wish to create an alias for it, or add it to your shell configuration file.
    • % source activate geminiconda
  6. If this is a new IRAF installation, some configuration is required:
    • % cd ~
    • % mkdir iraf
    • % cd iraf
    • % mkiraf (Choose xterm or xterm for the terminal, and o re-initialize the uparm if asked.)
    You might need to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries for your OS. See details at:

Updating Gemini IRAF from AstroConda

If you already have your Gemini anaconda environment set up, to update to the newest version, simply activate the environment and use conda to update the package:

  • % source activate geminiconda
  • % conda update gemini

Manual Installation

If necessary (eg. Ureka user), install the package manually. These instructions are also found in gemini_readme.txt.

  1. Download the tarball, gemini_v114.tar.gz.
  2. Unpack the file in a directory of your choice. In this example, we will use mypath/gemini
    • % mkdir mypath/gemini
    • % cd mypath/gemini
    • % tar xvzf gemini_v114.tar.gz
  3. Set your IRAF configuration to pick up the new gemini package.
    • % cd ~/iraf
    • There should be a file named in there. Make sure the line cl < "home$" is uncommented.
    • In that same directory, edit or create the file Append the following lines:
      • reset gemini=mypath/gemini/
      • task gemini.pkg=gemini$
      • keep
      Make sure the trailing / (slash) is included at the end of the reset path.

Launching the Software

To launch Gemini IRAF:

  • If you are using tcsh or csh: % /bin/bash -l
  • % source activate geminiconda
  • % pyraf
  • --> gemini

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