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An updated beta version of the Gemini IRAF package (v1.12beta2) has been released.

The highlights of this beta release are:

  • Improved support for GSAOI
  • Updates to support the recent GNIRS upgrades
  • Removed the dependency on the external package gmisc
  • Added ROI support to gdisplay and gmosaic

For those users who use IRAF v2.14, the file gemini_v112beta2_for_iraf_2.14.tar.gz is required, while the file gemini_v112beta2_for_iraf_2.15.tar.gz is required for those users who choose to upgrade to the 32-bit version of IRAF v2.15. These files are gzipped tar files that contain the source code and binaries for Redhat/Fedora and Mac OS X Intel operating systems. Full installation instructions are found in the gzipped tar file itself and also in the file gemini_readme.txt.

A detailed list of the changes relative to v1.11.1 can be found in the release note.

Please report any problems and / or provide feedback on this beta release via the Gemini HelpDesk.

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