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Reduction in the Science Time Available in Semester 2002A

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Reduction in the Science Time Available in Semester 2002A

At its November 2001 meeting in Pasadena, the Gemini Board reduced the science time fraction on Gemini North from 50% (advertised in the 2002A Call for Proposals) to 40%, and on Gemini South from 40% (advertised in the 2002A Call for Proposals) to 30%. The aim of this decision by the Gemini Board was to insure that both Gemini Telescopes get adequate time for telescope and facility instrument commissioning tasks, and that the amount of science time expected by both telescopes be closer to what the Gemini Observatory is able to produce while ramping up towards regular science operation. The impact of this decision has been to reduce the number of hours available and to increase the oversubscription significantly.

This action was taken after many of the National Time Allocation Committees had met. The revised nominal allocations were included in their considerations by the ITAC at its meeting on 11 December and are shown in the table below. The results of the ITAC meeting will be available on the schedules pages after 21 December. 

Gemini North Gemini South
Partner Estimated Hours 
Partner Estimated Hours 
US 254 US 157
host (Univ. of Hawaii) 72 host (Chile) 39
UK 135 UK 83
Canada 81 Canada 47
Australia 27 Australia 17
Argentina 13 Argentina 8
Brazil 13 Brazil 8

Last update December 13, 2001; Jean-Rene Roy and Phil Puxley

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