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GNIRS NGO Update and Phase II Training

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GNIRS began queue operations in semester 2004B. For 2005A, there are a number of software and procedural changes affecting Phase II, as well as new instrument modes available. This session is intended to alert the NGO representatives to the new aspects of GNIRS in 2005A and prepare them for 2005A Phase II processing.

New in 2005A

  • New modes
    • IFU spectroscopy (1-2.5um)
    • R=18000 spectroscopy with the long cameras (long slit only)
  • New OT
    • Acquisition sequencer
    • OT example library
    • Updated help page
  • New Procedures
    • PIs define acquisition observations
    • PIs define all baseline calibrations
    • changes to "blind" or reference acquisition procedure
  • New Web Pages
    • Observing Strategies
    • OT help
    • Phase II Checklist

Other News

  • Data Reduction
    • GNIRS sub-package of the Gemini IRAF package debut release in v1.7 (now available)
    • Still under development, send feedback via the helpdesk please!
    • Limited IFU support in this release (no data cube); more in next release
  • Instrument Upgrade
    • Scheduled for end 2005A
    • Replacing short camera lenses to eliminate radiation events
    • Adding 2 or 3 new filters for acquisition
    • Working on OIWFS mechanism
    • Continuing work on detector noise

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