Gemini Preprint #23

Communications Challenge for the Gemini 8m Telescopes

J.R. Wright
Gemini 8m Telescopes Project, 950 N. Cherry Ave., Tucson AZ 85719


We discuss the requirements and design of the communications system for the Gemini 8-meter Telescopes Project. This system is unique not only in our integrated approach to data, voice and video, but it also must span the globe to reach the two telescope sites in Chile and Hawaii, and provide access to astronomers around the world. We discuss the various services planned for the communications system, the many locations which must be served, and the anticipated quality-of-service demands. The constraints which limit our options are also discussed. Finally we present our plans for meeting these challenges.

Appears in Proc. SPIE 3112, "Telescope Control Systems".

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Ruth A. Kneale / / August 26, 1997