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Journey Through the Universe 2018

Journey Through the Universe Gemini’s flagship astronomy education and outreach program, Journey Through the Universe (Journey), celebrated a successful 14th year with a week of educational programming from March 5-9. “Journey Through the Universe would not succeed without the help of our community partners and sponsors, including the Department of Education, Hawai’i Island business community, […]

Gemini Shoots Jupiter a Quick Look

Gemini Shoots Jupiter a Quick Look NASAʻs Juno Spacecraft Mission NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been in orbit around Jupiter a bit over a year, providing unprecedented views of the largest planet in our Solar System. Jupiter is named after the Roman deity that ruled over the Roman gods. In Roman mythology, Juno was Jupiter’s wife. […]

Journey Through the Universe 2017

Journey Through the Universe 2017 The Universe is expanding… and so is the Journey Through the Universe program! From March 13-17, 70 observatory professionals and informal educators are extending their reach to districts across the Big Island. Journey Through the Universe (to be referred to as Journey in the rest of this post) includes: classroom visits […]

What’s that Glow?

  What’s that Glow? Cerro Pachón is one of the best sites in the world for astronomical observations due the darkness of the night sky. However, sometimes there is a strange brightness of different colors throughout the entire sky known as airglow. Airglow is caused by the ultraviolet light from the Sun that constantly hits […]

Journey Through the Universe 2016

Journey Through the Universe 2016 During the week of March 7-11, 83 observatory professionals consisting of astronomers, engineers, astronomy educators, and other observatory staff, will bring their passion for science into hundreds of local Hawai‘i Island classrooms as a part of Gemini Observatory’s flagship annual outreach program, Journey Through the Universe. Now in its 12th […]

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